Note: Artists are listed alphabetically by FIRST name
There are 3879 songs in the collection.

1 Giant Leap (featuring Robbie Williams and Maxi Jazz)  "My Culture"  2002
10,000 Maniacs  "Tension"  1982
10,000 Maniacs  "Groove Dub"  1982
10,000 Maniacs  "Anthem For Doomed Youth"  1982
10,000 Maniacs  "My Mother The War"  1983
10,000 Maniacs  "National Education Week"  1983
10,000 Maniacs  "Pit Viper"  1983
10,000 Maniacs  "Katrina's Fair"  1983
10,000 Maniacs  "The Latin One"  1983
10,000 Maniacs  "Death Of Manolete"  1983
10,000 Maniacs  "Eat for Two"  1989
10,000 Maniacs  "Trouble Me"  1989
10,000 Maniacs  "Like The Weather"  1993
10,000 Maniacs  "Because The Night"  1993
10,000 Maniacs  "Eat For Two"  1993
10,000 Maniacs  "Noah's Dove"  1993
10,000 Maniacs  "Trouble Me"  1993
10,000 Maniacs  "More Than This"  1997
13th Floor Elevators  "You're Gonna Miss Me"  1968
2 Unlimited  "Get Ready For This"  1992
3 Mustaphas 3  "Xamenh Evtexia/Fiz'n"  1987
4 Non Blondes  "What's Up"  1992
4 Non Blondes  "Drifting"  1993

A-Ha  "Take On Me"  1985
Abbott and Costello  "Who's on First"  1938
ABC  "Poison Arrow"  1982
ABC  "The Look Of Love"  1982
Abdul Aziz El-Sayed  "Magdelene's House"  1989
Abdullah Ibrahim  "Ishmael"  1979
Abdullah Ibrahim  "Tsakve 1"  1979
Abdullah Ibrahim  "Tsakve 2"  1979
Abdullah Ibrahim  "Imam"  1979
Aboriginal Musicians (Didjeridoo)  "Brolga One"  1992
Aboriginal Musicians of Australia  "Brolga Two"  1992
ADELE  "Right as Rain"  2008
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force  "Planet Rock"  1982
After the Fire  "Der Kommissar"  1982
Aiko Shimada and Elizabeth Falconer  "Sakura, Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)"  2002
Air  "You Make It Easy"  1998
Air  "Remember"  1998
Air  "Talisman"  1998
Air  "New Star in the Sky (Chanson Pour Solal)"  1998
Air  "All I Need"  1998
Air  "Kelly Watch the Stars"  1998
Air  "Sexy Boy"  1998
Air  "La Femme d'Argent"  1998
Al Green  "Let's Stay Together"  1972
Al Stewart  "Roads To Moscow"  1974
Al Stewart  "Delia's Gone"  1976
Al Stewart  "Year Of The Cat"  1976
Al Stewart  "Time Passages"  1978
Al Stewart  "Midnight Rocks"  1980
Alan Parsons Project  "Games People Play"  1980
Alan Parsons Project  "Time"  1980
Alan Parsons Project  "Eye in the Sky"  1982
Alanis Morissette  "Uninvited"  1998
Alex Gifford  "Morecambe Bay"  1993
Alice Cooper  "Schools out"  1972
Alice Cooper  "No More Mr. Nice Guy"  1973
Alice In Chains  "Down In A Hole"  1992
Alice In Chains  "Rooster"  1992
Alice In Chains  "Would?"  1992
Alice In Chains  "Whale & Wasp"  1993
Alice In Chains  "No Excuses"  1993
Alice In Chains  "I Stay Away"  1993
Alice In Chains  "Nutshell"  1993
Alice In Chains  "Sludge Factory"  1996
Alice In Chains  "Down In A Hole"  1996
Alice In Chains  "Frogs"  1996
Alice In Chains  "Rooster"  1996
Alice In Chains  "No Excuses"  1996
Alice In Chains  "Angry Chair"  1996
Alice In Chains  "Nutshell"  1996
Alice In Chains  "Would?"  1996
Alice In Chains  "Heaven Beside You"  1996
Alicia Bridges  "I Love The Nightlife"  1978
All About Eve  "Never Promise (Anyone Forever)"  1988
All About Eve  "Martha's Harbour"  1988
All About Eve  "In The Meadow"  1988
Allan Sherman  "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter From Camp)"  1991
Altered Images  "I Could Be Happy"  1982
America  "A Horse With No Name"  1972
America  "I Need You"  1972
America  "Only In Your Heart"  1973
America  "Ventura Highway"  1973
America  "Don't Cross The River"  1973
America  "Lonely People"  1974
America  "Tin Man"  1974
America  "Sister Golden Hair"  1975
America  "Daisy Jane"  1975
American Breed  "Bend Me Shape Me"  1968
Anúna  "Sleepsong"  1995
Anúna  "Song Of OisÁn"  1995
Anúna  "Peperit Virgo"  1995
Anúna  "EirÁ Na Gréine / The Rising Of The Sun"  1995
Anúna  "GoltraÁ"  1995
Anúna  "Winter Fire And Snow"  1995
Anúna  "Under The Greenwood"  1995
Anúna  "Siúil A Riún"  1995
Andain  "Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Radio Mix)"  2003
Andy Prieboy  "Joliet"  1990
Andy Williams  "Happy Holidays/It's the Holiday Season (Live)"  2001
Ane Brun  "Undertow"  2012
Ani Difranco  "Wish I May"  1999
Ani Difranco  "Up Up Up Up Up Up"  1999
Ani Difranco & Utah Phillips  "Anarchy"  1996
Anita Ward  "Ring My Bell"  1979
Aphex Twin  "Tha"  1992
Aphex Twin  "We Are The Music Makers"  1992
Aphex Twin  "I"  1992
Aphex Twin  "Actium"  1992
Aphex Twin  "Ageispolis"  1992
Aphex Twin  "Schottkey 7th Path"  1992
Aphex Twin  "Green Calx"  1992
Aphex Twin  "Ptolemy"  1992
Aphex Twin  "Pulsewidth"  1992
Aphex Twin  "Delphium"  1992
Aphex Twin  "Xtal"  1992
Aphex Twin  "Hedphelym"  1992
Aphex Twin  "Heliosphan"  1992
Aphex Twin  "Rhubarb"  1994
Aram Khachaturian  "Sabre Dance (from 'Gayaneh')"  1991
Arcangelo Corelli  "Christmas Concerto - I. Vivace-Grave" 
Arcangelo Corelli  "Christmas Concerto - II. Allegro" 
Arcangelo Corelli  "Christmas Concerto - IV. Vivace" 
Arcangelo Corelli  "Christmas Concerto - V. Allegro" 
Arctic Monkeys  "My Propeller"  2009
Aretha Franklin  "Respect"  1967
Aretha Franklin  "Chain Of Fools"  1968
Aretha Franklin  "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman"  1968
Aretha Franklin  "Think"  1968
Aretha Franklin  "I Say A Little Prayer"  1968
Argent  "Hold Your Head Up"  1972
Army of Lovers  "Crucified"  1992
Arovane  "Seaside"  2000
Arrested Development  "Mr. Wendal"  1992
Arrested Development  "Washed Away"  1992
Arrested Development  "Tennessee"  1992
Arrested Development  "Natural"  1992
Arrested Development  "Fishin' 4 Religion"  1992
Arthur Brown  "Come And Buy"  1968
Arthur Brown  "Time/Confusion"  1968
Arthur Brown  "Prelude-Nightmare"  1968
Arthur Brown  "Fire"  1968
Arthur Brown  "Chisholm In My Bosom"  1976
Arthur Brown  "Helen With The Sun"  1976
Artificial waves  "Inception"  2016
Artificial waves  "Inspiring Insomnia"  2016
Artificial waves  "Rising Soul"  2016
Artificial waves  "From Blur to Sharp"  2016
Artificial waves  "Living in the Recycled Space"  2016
Artificial waves  "Hush and Embrace"  2016
Artificial waves  "Blended Spirits"  2016
Artificial waves  "Bored Shadows"  2016
Artificial waves  "Feeling the Endless Flow"  2016
Arto Lindsay  "Resemblances"  1999
Asia  "Only Time Will Tell"  1982
Asia  "Sole Survivour"  1982
Asia  "Heat Of The Moment"  1982
Askarian And Khatchaturian  "Song Of Complaint"  1989
Astral  "Raining Down"  2003
Astrud Gilberto  "The Girl From Ipanema [Live]"  1964
Autour De Lucie  "La 2eme chance"  1998
Autour De Lucie  "Les promesses"  1998
Ayub Ogada  "Obiero"  1993
The Allman Brothers Band  "Dreams"  1969
The Allman Brothers Band  "Whipping Post"  1969
The Allman Brothers Band  "Midnight Rider"  1970
The Allman Brothers Band  "In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed"  1970
The Allman Brothers Band  "Melissa"  1972
The Allman Brothers Band  "Jessica"  1973
The Amazing  "Tracks"  2016
The Amboy Dukes  "Journey To The Center Of The Mind"  1968
The American Analog Set  "Don't Wake Me"  1997
The American Analog Set  "Blue Chaise"  1997
The American Analog Set  "Where Have All The Good Boys Gone"  1997
The American Analog Set  "White House"  1997
The American Analog Set  "Magnificent Seventies"  1997
The American Analog Set  "Two Way Diamond I"  1997
The American Analog Set  "Two Way Diamond II"  1997
The American Analog Set  "Using The Hope Diamond As A Doorstep"  1997
The American Dream  "I Ain't Searchin'"  1970
The Angels  "My Boyfriend's Back"  1963
The Association  "Along Comes Mary (from vinyl)"  1965
The Association  "Cherish (from vinyl)"  1966
The Association  "No Fair at All (from vinyl)"  1966
The Association  "Never My Love (from vinyl)"  1967
The Association  "Windy"  1967
The Association  "Everything That Touches You (from vinyl)"  1968
The Avalanches  "Since I Left You"  2007
The Avalanches  "Frontier Psychiatrist"  2007

Baaba Maal  "Call To Prayer"  1989
Babe The Blue Ox  "Tattoos"  1998
Babe The Blue Ox  "The Monday After"  1998
Babe The Blue Ox  "If You See Me"  1998
Babe The Blue Ox  "Heartbreak #1"  1998
Babe The Blue Ox  "Sheila"  1998
Bachman-Turner Overdrive  "Let It Ride"  1973
Bad Company  "Bad Company (from vinyl)"  1974
Band of Salmon  "Funk Patrol"  2010
Band of Salmon  "Eebie Jeebies"  2010
Band of Salmon  "Johnny Fishmeat"  2010
Band of Salmon  "Babenstuff"  2010
Band of Salmon  "Catfish Blues"  2010
Barnes & Barnes  "Fish Heads"  1991
Barry McGuire  "Eve Of Destruction"  1965
Basement Jaxx  "Hot 'n Cold"  2003
Bat For Lashes  "Tahiti"  2007
Bat For Lashes  "Tahiti (Live)"  2007
Bat For Lashes  "The Wizard"  2007
Bat For Lashes  "Bat's Mouth"  2007
Bat For Lashes  "Horse & I"  2007
Bat For Lashes  "Sad Eyes"  2007
Bat For Lashes  "What's A Girl To Do?"  2007
Bat For Lashes  "What's a Girl To Do?"  2007
Bat For Lashes  "Sarah"  2007
Bat For Lashes  "Sarah (Live)"  2007
Bat For Lashes  "I Saw A Light"  2007
Bat For Lashes  "Seal Jubilee"  2007
Bat For Lashes  "Trophy"  2007
Bat For Lashes  "Prescilla"  2007
Bat For Lashes  "I'm On Fire"  2007
Bauhaus  "Bela Lugosi's Dead"  1979
Baz Luhrmann  "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)"  1998
Beach House  "Holy Dances"  2008
Beach House  "You Came to Me"  2008
Beach House  "10 Mile Stereo"  2010
Beach House  "Baby (Bonus Track)"  2010
Beach House  "Myth"  2012
Beach House  "Lazuli"  2012
Beck  "Forcefield"  1994
Beck  "Hollow Log"  1994
Beck  "Outcome"  1994
Beck  "See Water"  1994
Beck  "Sissyneck"  1996
Beck  "Where It's At"  1996
Beck  "The New Pollution"  1996
Beck  "Devil's Haircut"  1996
Beck  "Ramshackle"  1996
Beck  "Tropicalia"  1998
Beck  "Nobody's Fault But My Own"  1998
Beck  "Dead Melodies"  1998
Beck  "Little One"  2002
Beck  "Paper Tiger"  2002
Beck  "Lonesome Tears"  2002
Beck  "Round The Bend"  2002
Beck  "Lost Cause"  2002
Beck  "End Of The Day"  2002
Beck  "The Golden Age"  2002
Beck  "All In Your Mind"  2002
Beck  "Already Dead"  2002
Beck  "Guess I'm Doing Fine"  2002
Beck  "Sunday Sun"  2002
Beck  "Side Of The Road"  2002
Beck  "E-Pro"  2005
Beck  "Earthquake Weather"  2005
Beck  "Girl"  2005
Beck  "Brazilica"  2005
Beck  "Que Onda Guero?"  2005
Bela Bartok  "I. Andante tranquillo" 
Bela Bartok  "II. Allegro" 
Bela Bartok  "III. Adagio" 
Bell X1  "The Great Defector"  2009
Belle & Sebastian  "Seymour Stein"  1998
Ben Harper  "Whipping Boy (Remix)"  1995
Ben Harper  "Faded"  1997
Ben Watt  "Departure"  1982
Ben Watt With Robert Wyatt  "Walter And John"  1982
Berlin  "Torture"  1982
Berlin  "Pleasure Victim"  1982
Berlin  "The Metro"  1982
Berlin  "Masquerade"  1982
Berlin  "No More Words (from vinyl)"  1984
Bernice Johnson Reagon  "We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder"  1990
Beth Orton  "Central Reservation (Original Version)"  1999
Beth Orton  "So Much More"  1999
Beth Orton  "Couldn't Cause Me Harm"  1999
Beth Orton  "Stolen Car"  1999
Beth Orton  "Sweetest Decline"  1999
Beth Orton  "Central Reservation (Ben Watt Remix)"  1999
Big Country  "In a Big Country (Radio Edit)"  1983
Big Star  "St 100/6"  1972
Big Star  "The India Song"  1972
Bill Cosby  "Little Tiny Hairs"  1963
Bill Cosby  "Toss of the Coin"  1963
Bill Cosby  "Greasy Kid Stuff"  1963
Bill Cosby  "Noah: And the Neighbor"  1963
Bill Cosby  "Noah: Me And You, Lord"  1963
Bill Cosby  "Noah: Right!"  1963
Bill Cosby  "Oops!"  1964
Bill Cosby  "The Water Bottle"  1964
Bill Cosby  "Rigor Mortis"  1964
Bill Cosby  "Sneakers"  1964
Bill Cosby  "Christmas Time"  1964
Bill Cosby  "My Pet Rhinoceros"  1964
Bill Cosby  "The Lone Ranger"  1964
Bill Cosby  "Street Football"  1964
Bill Cosby  "Half Man"  1964
Bill Cosby  "The Neanderthal Man"  1964
Bill Cosby  "Medic"  1964
Bill Cosby  "Ralph Jameson"  1964
Bill Cosby  "Chocolate Cake For Breakfast"  1982
Bill Cosby  "Natural Childbirth"  1982
Bill Cosby  "The Dentist"  1982
Bill Cosby  "Same Thing Happens Every Night"  1982
Bill Cosby  "The Grandparents"  1982
Bill Cosby  "Brain Damage"  1982
Bill Cosby  "Kill The Boy"  1982
Billie Holiday  "Your Mother's Son-In-Law"  1933
Billie Holiday  "Riffin' The Scotch"  1933
Billie Holiday  "What A Night, What A Moon, What A Girl"  1935
Billie Holiday  "I Wished On The Moon"  1935
Billie Holiday  "Twenty-Four Hours A Day"  1935
Billie Holiday  "Miss Brown To You"  1935
Billie Holiday  "Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town"  1935
Billie Holiday  "It's Too Hot For Words"  1987
Billie Holiday  "What A Little Moonlight Can Do"  1987
Billie Holiday  "Eeny Meeny Miney Mo"  1987
Billie Holiday  "I'm Painting The Town Red"  1987
Billie Holiday  "Sunbonnet Blue (And A Little Straw Hat)"  1987
Billy Idol  "White Wedding" 
Billy Idol  "Dancing with Myself" 
Billy Idol  "Dancing With Myself"  1981
Billy Idol  "White Wedding"  1982
Billy Idol  "Flesh For Fantasy"  1984
Billy Idol  "Eyes Without A Face"  1984
Billy Idol  "Rebel Yell"  1984
Billy Idol  "Sweet Sixteen"  1987
Billy Joel  "Piano Man"  1973
Billy Joel  "Goodnight Saigon"  1985
Billy Squier  "My Kinda Lover"  1981
Billy Squier  "Everybody Wants You"  1981
Billy Squier  "In the Dark"  1981
Billy Stewart  "Summertime (Edit)"  1966
Bing Crosby & David Bowie  "Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy"  2006
Björk  "Venus As A Boy"  1993
Björk  "Like Someone In Love"  1993
Björk  "Big Time Sensuality"  1993
Björk  "Human Behavior"  1993
Björk  "The Anchor Song"  1993
Björk  "Come To Me"  1993
Björk  "Bachelorette"  1997
Black Box  "Everybody Everybody (Le Freak Mix)"  1990
Black Box  "Strike It Up"  1990
Black Box Recorder  "Girl singing in the wreckage"  1998
Black Marble  "A Great Design"  2013
Black Sabbath  "Changes"  1977
Black Sabbath  "Iron Man"  1977
Black Sabbath  "War Pigs"  1977
Black Sabbath  "Paranoid"  1977
Black Sabbath  "N.I.B"  1977
Black Sabbath  "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"  1977
Black Sabbath  "Laguna Sunrise"  1977
Black Sabbath (Dio)  "The Mob Rules"  1981
Black Tape For A Blue Girl  "Given"  1999
Blackalicious  "Chemical Calisthenics"  2002
Blind Faith  "Do What You Like"  1969
Blind Faith  "Well...All Right"  1969
Blind Faith  "Sea Of Joy"  1969
Blind Faith  "Had To Cry Today"  1969
Blind Faith  "Presence Of The Lord"  1969
Blind Faith  "Can't Find My Way Home"  1969
Blind Pilot  "Go On, Say It (Courtesy of Expunged Records)"  2009
Blondie  "Dreaming"  1979
Blondie  "Heart Of Glass"  1979
Blondie  "One Way Or Another"  1979
Blondie  "The Tide Is High"  1980
Blondie  "Call Me"  1980
Blondie  "Atomic"  1980
Blondie  "Rapture"  1981
Blood, Sweat & Tears  "You've Made Me So Very Happy"  1969
Blood, Sweat & Tears  "Sometimes In Winter"  1969
Blood, Sweat & Tears  "Spinning Wheel"  1969
Blood, Sweat & Tears  "And When I Die"  1969
Blood, Sweat & Tears  "Variations On A Theme By Erik Satie 1"  1969
Blood, Sweat & Tears  "Variations On A Theme By Erik Satie 2"  1969
Bloodrock  "D.O.A. (from vinyl)"  1970
Blue Öyster Cult  "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"  1976
Blue Öyster Cult  "Burnin' For You"  1981
Blue Cheer  "Summertime Blues"  1967
Blur  "Tender"  1999
Blur  "Out of Time"  2003
Bob & Gene  "I Can Be Cool"  2008
Bob Marley  "Jamming"  1977
Bob Marley  "Is This Love"  1978
Bob Marley  "Redemption Song"  1980
Bob Marley  "No Woman, No Cry"  1984
Bob Marley  "Buffalo Soldier"  1984
Bob Welch  "Ebony Eyes"  1977
Bob Welch  "Sentimental Lady"  1977
Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & The Crypt Kickers  "Monster Mash"  1991
Bobby Lewis  "I'm Tossin' And Turnin' Again"  1961
Bobby Womack  "Daylight"  1976
Bon Iver & St. Vincent  "Roslyn"  2009
Boogie Boys  "A Fly Girl (from vinyl)"  1985
Boomtown Rats  "I Don't Like Mondays"  1979
Boston  "More Than a Feeling"  1976
Boston  "Peace Of Mind"  1976
Botanica  "Let's Go"  2003
Botanica  "Dead Prophet"  2003
Botanica  "Fireworks"  2003
Bow Wow Wow  "I Want Candy"  1982
Brad Fiedel  "The Terminator Main Title"  1984
Brad Fiedel  "Theme From The Terminator"  1984
Brad Fiedel  "Theme From The Terminator (Aug. 29, 1997 Judgement Day Remix)"  1984
Brad Fiedel  "Future Flashback / Terminator Infiltration"  1984
Brad Fiedel  "Sarah's Destiny / The Coming Storm"  1984
Brad Fiedel  "Gun Shop / Reese In Alley"  1984
Brad Fiedel  "Tunnel Chase"  1984
Brad Fiedel  "Death By Fire / Terminator Gets Up"  1984
Brazilian Girls  "Losing Myself"  2008
Brian Auger  "Tiger (from vinyl)"  1967
Brian Auger & The Trinity  "Pavane"  1969
Brian Auger & The Trinity  "Adagio Per Archi E Organo"  1969
Brian Auger & The Trinity  "Maiden Voyage"  1969
Brian Auger & The Trinity  "No Time To Live"  1969
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express  "A Better Land"  1971
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express  "All The Time There Is"  1971
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express  "Dawn Of Another Day"  1971
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express  "Women Of The Seasons"  1971
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express  "On Thinking It Over"  1971
Brian Eno  "Triennale"  1992
Brick  "Dazz (from vinyl)"  1976
Bridget St John  "Autumn Lullaby"  1969
Broadcast  "Come On Let's Go"  2000
Bruce Cockburn  "Pacing The Cage"  1996
Bruce Cockburn  "Birmingham Shadows"  1996
Bruce Cockburn  "Night Train"  1996
Bruno Nicolai/Unione Musicisti di Roma  "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"  1966
Bruno Nicolai/Unione Musicisti di Roma  "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 3"  1966
Bruno Nicolai/Unione Musicisti di Roma  "The Good, the Bad. and the Ugly 2"  1966
Bubble Puppy  "Hot Smoke & Sassafras"  1968
Buddhist Monks (Ancient Shrine, Kyoto)  "Hannya-Shingyo"  1992
Buffalo Springfield  "Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing"  1966
Buffalo Springfield  "For What It's Worth"  1967
Buffalo Springfield  "Mr. Soul"  1967
Buffalo Springfield  "Rock And Roll Woman"  1967
Buffalo Springfield  "Bluebird"  1967
Buffalo Springfield  "Broken Arrow"  1967
Buffalo Springfield  "Expecting To Fly"  1967
Buffalo Springfield  "I Am A Child"  1968
Burning Star  "Creations"  2002
Burning Star  "In The Distance"  2002
Burning Star  "Victory"  2004
Burning Star  "Intro: Lanto del Cielo"  2004
Burning Star  "Lost Souls"  2004
Burning Star  "Travelin"  2004
Buster Poindexter  "Hot Hot Hot"  1987
Byungki Hwang  "Aibogae"  1984
The B-52's  "Channel Z" 
The B-52's  "Rock Lobster (live)" 
The B-52's  "Song for a Future Generation" 
The B-52's  "Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland" 
The B-52's  "Deadbeat Club" 
The B-52's  "Debbie" 
The B-52's  "Rock Lobster"  1979
The B-52's  "Planet Claire"  1979
The B-52's  "Follow Your Bliss"  1989
The B-52's  "Channel Z"  1989
The B-52's  "Roam"  1989
The B-52's  "Love Shack"  1989
The B-52's  "Topaz"  1989
The B-52's  "Bushfire"  1989
The B-52's  "Deadbeat Club"  1989
The Babys  "Isn't It Time (2000 Remastered Version)"  1977
The Babys  "Everytime I Think Of You"  1978
The Bangles  "Manic Monday"  1985
The Bangles  "Walk Like an Egyptian"  1986
The Beach Boys  "I Get Around" 
The Beach Boys  "California Girls" 
The Beach Boys  "Wouldn't it Be Nice" 
The Beach Boys  "Surfer Girl" 
The Beach Boys  "Surfin' Safari" 
The Beach Boys  "Surfin' USA" 
The Beach Boys  "Good Vibrations"  1967
The Beach Boys  "Barbara Ann"  1999
The Beastie Boys  "Hold It Now, Hit It"  1986
The Beastie Boys  "Slow And Low"  1986
The Beastie Boys  "Rhymin & Stealin"  1986
The Beastie Boys  "Slow Ride"  1986
The Beastie Boys  "Paul Revere"  1986
The Beastie Boys  "Time To Get Ill"  1986
The Beastie Boys  "No Sleep Till Brooklyn"  1986
The Beastie Boys  "Posse In Effect"  1986
The Beastie Boys  "The New Style"  1986
The Beastie Boys  "She's Crafty"  1986
The Beastie Boys  "Fight For Your Right"  1986
The Beastie Boys  "Hey Ladies"  1989
The Beastie Boys  "High Plains Drifter"  1989
The Beastie Boys  "Egg Man"  1989
The Beastie Boys  "Johnny Ryall"  1989
The Beastie Boys  "Shadrach"  1989
The Beastie Boys  "The Sounds Of Science"  1989
The Beastie Boys  "Instant Death"  1998
The Beastie Boys  "Intergalactic"  1998
The Beastie Boys  "Remote Control"  1998
The Beastie Boys  "Song For Junior"  1998
The Beastie Boys  "Picture This"  1998
The Beastie Boys  "I Don't Know"  1998
The Beastie Boys  "The Move"  1998
The Beastie Boys  "The Negotiation Limerick File"  1998
The Beastie Boys  "Putting Shame In Your Game"  1998
The Beastie Boys  "Super Disco Breakin'"  1998
The Beau Brummels  "Just A Little"  1965
The Beau Brummels  "Laugh, Laugh"  1965
The Besnard Lakes  "People of the Sticks"  2013
The Beta Band  "Dry The Rain"  1998
The Black Keys  "Weight of Love"  2014
The Black Keys  "Turn Blue"  2014
The Blue Nile  "A Walk Across The Rooftops"  1983
The Blue Nile  "Tinseltown in the Rain"  1983
The Blue Nile  "Happiness"  1996
The Blue Nile  "Family Life"  1996
The Box Tops  "The Letter"  1967
The Budos Band  "Chicago Falcon"  2008
The Budos Band  "Up From The South"  2008
The Buggles  "Video Killed The Radio Star"  1979
The Byrds  "I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better"  1965

Cab Calloway  "Minnie the Moocher (78rpm Version)"  1931
Cameron Ember  "Intro"  2005
Cameron Ember  "Is this going the way it should?"  2005
Cameron Ember  "Lucky"  2005
Cameron Ember  "Just a Little Stronger"  2005
Cameron Ember  "Seattle"  2005
Cameron Ember  "Dear Captain"  2005
Cameron Ember  "Valerie"  2005
Cameron Ember  "Diver"  2005
Cameron Ember  "Mourning Song"  2006
Cameron Ember  "Southern Drive Thru"  2006
Cameron Ember  "On The Beach"  2006
Camille Saint-Saäns  "Danse Macabre" 
Candido  "Jingo"  1995
Captain Sensible  "Wot (from vinyl)"  1983
Carl Douglas  "Kung Fu Fighting"  1974
Carl Orff  "Orff: Carmina Burana - Blanziflor Et Helena: Ave Formosissima"  1960
Carl Orff  "Orff: Carmina Burana - Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi: Fortune Plango Vulnera"  1960
Carl Orff  "Orff: Carmina Burana - Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi: O Fortuna"  1960
Carl Orff  "Orff: Carmina Burana - Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi: O Fortuna"  1960
Carl Orff  "Orff: Carmina Burana - Part 1, Primo Vere: Veris Leta Facies"  1960
Carly Simon  "That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be"  1971
Carol Wincenc  "Achat Sha'alti"  1991
Carole King  "It's Too Late"  1971
Carole King  "Jazzman"  1971
Caroline Lavelle  "Dream Of Picasso"  1995
Caroline Lavelle  "Turning Ground"  1995
Caroline Lavelle  "Sheherazade"  1995
Cat Stevens  "Into White"  1970
Cat Stevens  "Tea For The Tillerman"  1970
Cat Stevens  "Longer Boats"  1970
Cat Stevens  "Sad Lisa"  1970
Cat Stevens  "Where Do The Children Play?"  1970
Cat Stevens  "Wild World"  1970
Cat Stevens  "But I Might Die Tonight"  1970
Cat Stevens  "Hard Headed Woman"  1970
Cat Stevens  "Father And Son"  1970
Cat Stevens  "On The Road To Find Out"  1970
Cat Stevens  "Miles From Nowhere"  1970
Cat Stevens  "Don't Be Shy"  1971
Cat Stevens  "The Wind"  1971
Cat Stevens  "How Can I Tell You"  1971
Cat Stevens  "Trouble"  1971
Cat Stevens  "If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out"  1971
Cave In  "I Luv I Jah"  1999
Chad & Jeremy  "A Summer Song"  1964
Chameleons UK  "Paper Tiger (Live)"  1986
Cheap Trick  "I Want You To Want Me (Live)"  1978
Cheap Trick  "Surrender"  1978
Cheap Trick  "Dream Police"  1979
Cheap Trick  "Reach Out"  1981
Cheech & Chong (Featuring Alice Bowie)  "Earache My Eye"  1991
Chic  "Dance, Dance, Dance (from vinyl)"  1977
Chic  "Good Times"  1979
Chicago  "Beginnings"  1969
Chicago  "I'm a Man"  1969
Chicago  "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is"  1970
Chicago  "25 Or 6 To 4"  1970
Chicago  "Colour My World"  1970
Chicago  "Make Me Smile"  1970
Chicago  "Saturday In The Park"  1972
Chicago  "Feelin' Stronger Every Day"  1973
Chicago  "Wishing You Were Here"  1974
Chicago  "Call On Me"  1974
Chicago Symphony Orchestra / Levine  "Holst The Planets: Mars, the Bringer of War"  1989
Chick Corea  "Where Have I Known You Before ?"  1985
Chris Isaak  "Wicked Game"  1989
Circus Maximus  "Wind"  1967
Clannad  "I Will Find You"  1992
Clannad  "I Will Find You (Theme from 'The Last of the Mohicans')"  1992
Clear Light  "Mr. Blue"  1967
Cliff Richard  "Devil Woman (2001 Digital Remaster)"  1976
Cocteau Twins  "Oomingmak"  1986
Cocteau Twins  "The Thinner The Air"  1986
Cocteau Twins  "Fluffy Tufts"  1986
Cocteau Twins  "Little Spacey"  1986
Cocteau Twins  "How To Bring A Blush To The Snow"  1986
Cocteau Twins  "Throughout The Dark Months Of April And May"  1986
Cocteau Twins  "Whales Tails"  1986
Cocteau Twins  "Feet-Like Fins"  1986
Cocteau Twins  "Lazy Calm"  1986
Cocteau Twins  "Theft, And Wandering Around Lost"  1993
Cocteau Twins  "My Truth"  1993
Cocteau Twins  "Squeeze-Wax"  1993
Cocteau Twins  "Bluebeard"  1993
Cocteau Twins  "Essence"  1993
Cocteau Twins  "Evangeline"  1993
Cocteau Twins  "Know Who You Are At Every Age"  1993
Cocteau Twins  "Summerhead"  1993
Cocteau Twins  "Oil Of Angels"  1993
Cocteau Twins  "Pur"  1993
Cocteau Twins  "Violaine"  1995
Cocteau Twins  "Cherry-Coloured Funk"  1995
Cocteau Twins  "Rilkean Heart"  1995
Cocteau Twins  "Golden-Vein"  1995
Cocteau Twins  "Pink Orange Red"  1995
Cocteau Twins  "Seekers Who Are Lovers"  1995
Cocteau Twins  "Half-Gifts"  1995
Cocteau Twins  "Feet-Like Fins"  1995
Codeine  "Atmosphere"  1995
Cold Blooded Animal  "Yong Yuan Shi Ge Mi Mi (Secret Forever)"  2005
Coldplay  "High Speed"  2000
Coldplay  "Don't Panic"  2000
Coldplay  "Parachutes"  2000
Coldplay  "We Never Change"  2000
Coldplay  "Sparks"  2000
Coldplay  "Spies"  2000
Coldplay  "Trouble"  2000
Coldplay  "Everything's Not Lost"  2000
Coldplay  "Shiver"  2000
Coldplay  "Yellow"  2000
Coldplay  "Warning Sign"  2002
Coldplay  "Clocks"  2002
Coldplay  "A Rush Of Blood To The Head"  2002
Coldplay  "A Whisper"  2002
Coldplay  "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face"  2002
Coldplay  "Green Eyes"  2002
Coldplay  "Amsterdam"  2002
Coldplay  "Politik"  2002
Coldplay  "Daylight"  2002
Coldplay  "The Scientist"  2002
Coldplay  "In My Place"  2002
Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen  "Hot Rod Lincoln"  1971
Concrete Blonde  "Little Conversations"  1989
Concrete Blonde  "Sky Is A Poisonous Garden"  1990
Concrete Blonde  "Joey"  1990
Concrete Blonde  "Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)"  1990
Concrete Blonde  "I Don't Need A Hero"  1990
Concrete Blonde  "Tomorrow, Wendy"  1990
Concrete Blonde  "Darkening Of The Light"  1990
Concrete Blonde  "Caroline"  1990
COOLEY aka HYPNATIZE  "Boogie"  2002
Coolio  "Gangsta's Paradise (Amended LP Version)"  1995
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose  "Too Late to Turn Back Now"  1972
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose  "Treat Her Like a Lady"  1972
Cory Hart  "Sunglasses At Night" 
Cotton Jones Basket Ride  "It May Never Pass Again"  2008
Cotton Jones Basket Ride  "Midnight Monday, And a Telescope"  2008
Count Basie & The Mills Brothers  "Gentle On My Mind"  1968
Count Five  "Psychotic Reaction"  1966
Country Joe & The Fish  "The 'Fish' Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag"  1968
Courtney Bryan  "Love"  2006
Cousteau  "Last Good Day Of The Year"  2001
Cracker  "Rainy Days And Mondays"  1994
Crash Test Dummies  "Superman's Song"  1991
Cream  "I Feel Free"  1966
Cream  "I'm So Glad"  1966
Cream  "Tales Of Brave Ulysees"  1967
Cream  "Outside Woman Blues"  1967
Cream  "We're Going Wrong"  1967
Cream  "Blue Condition"  1967
Cream  "Dance The Night Away"  1967
Cream  "Strange Brew"  1967
Cream  "World Of Pain"  1967
Cream  "Sunshine Of Your Love"  1967
Cream  "Sitting On Top Of The World"  1968
Cream  "Passing The Time"  1968
Cream  "Those Were The Days"  1968
Cream  "Spoonful"  1968
Cream  "White Room"  1968
Cream  "Pressed Rat & Warthog"  1968
Cream  "Anyone for Tennis (The Savage Seven Theme)"  1968
Cream  "As You Said"  1968
Cream  "Swlabr"  1968
Cream  "Badge"  1969
Cream  "Crossroads"  1969
Cream  "Early in the Morning (from vinyl)"  1978
Creature Beach  "Sally Weathers"  2001
Creedence Clearwater Revival  "Bad Moon Rising"  1969
Crosby, Stills & Nash  "You Don't Have To Cry"  1969
Crosby, Stills & Nash  "Guinnevere"  1969
Crosby, Stills & Nash  "Marrakesh Express"  1969
Crosby, Stills & Nash  "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"  1969
Crosby, Stills & Nash  "Lady Of The Island"  1969
Crosby, Stills & Nash  "Wooden Ships"  1969
Crosby, Stills & Nash  "Helplessly Hoping"  1969
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  "Our House"  1970
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  "Teach Your Children"  1970
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  "4 + 20"  1970
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  "Country Girl: Whiskey Boot Hill/Down, Down, Down/Country Girl (I Think You're Pretty)"  1970
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  "Everybody I Love You"  1970
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  "Deja Vu"  1970
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  "Woodstock"  1970
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  "Carry On"  1970
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  "Helpless"  1970
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  "Ohio"  1971
Crowded House  "Don't Dream It's Over"  1986
Crowded House  "Something So Strong"  1986
Crowded House  "World Where You Live"  1986
Crowded House  "Weather With You"  1991
Crystal Castles  "Celestica"  2011
Culture Club  "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?"  1982
Culture Club  "Time (Clock Of The Heart)"  1982
Culture Club  "Church Of The Poison Mind"  1983
Culture Club  "Karma Chameleon"  1983
Culture Club  "I'll Tumble 4 Ya"  1983
Culture Club  "The War Song"  1984
Culture Club  "It's A Miracle"  1984
Culture Club  "Miss Me Blind"  1984
Cyndi Lauper  "She Bop"  1984
Cyndi Lauper  "I Drove All Night"  1989
The Capitol Years  "Mirage People"  2009
The Cars  "You're All I've Got Tonight"  1978
The Cars  "Moving In Stereo"  1978
The Cars  "My Best Friend's Girl"  1978
The Cars  "All Mixed Up"  1978
The Cars  "Just What I Needed"  1978
The Cars  "Bye Bye Love"  1978
The Cars  "The Dangerous Type (from vinyl)"  1979
The Cars  "Candy-O (from vinyl)"  1979
The Centurians  "Bullwinkle Part II"  1963
The Chambers Brothers  "Time Has Come Today"  1968
The Chameleons  "Paper Tigers"  1983
The Champs  "Tequila"  1958
The Chiffons  "He's So Fine" 
The Chocolate Watchband  "Let's Talk About Girls"  1967
The Chocolate Watchband  "Inner Mystique (from vinyl)"  1968
The Chocolate Watchband  "Voyage of the Trieste (from vinyl)"  1968
The Chocolate Watchband  "In the Past (from vinyl)"  1968
The Church  "Reptile"  1988
The Church  "Hotel Womb"  1988
The Church  "A New Season"  1988
The Church  "Blood Money"  1988
The Church  "North, South, East And West"  1988
The Church  "Under The Milky Way"  1988
The Church  "Destination"  1988
The Church  "Lost My Touch"  1994
The Church  "Loveblind"  1994
The Church  "Day of the Dead"  1994
The Church  "Two Places At Once"  1994
The Clash  "London Calling"  1979
The Clash  "Train In Vain"  1979
The Clash  "Hitsville UK"  1980
The Clash  "Inoculated City"  1982
The Clash  "Overpowered By Funk"  1982
The Clash  "Rock The Casbah"  1982
The Clash  "Ghetto Defendant"  1982
The Clash  "Sean Flynn"  1982
The Clash  "Straight To Hell"  1982
The Clash  "Know Your Rights"  1982
The Clash  "Death Is A Star"  1982
The Clash  "Car Jamming"  1982
The Clash  "Should I Stay Or Should I Go"  1982
The Clash  "Red Angel Dragnet"  1982
The Clientele  "Bicycles"  2000
The Coasters  "Yakety Yak"  1958
The Coasters  "Charlie Brown"  1959
The Coasters  "Poison Ivy"  1959
The Collective  "I Wanna Know"  2005
The Cowsills  "The Rain, the Park & Other Things (Single Version)"  1967
The Cowsills  "Hair"  1969
The Cramps  "Domino"  1983
The Cramps  "Human Fly"  1983
The Cranberries  "(They Long To Be) Close To You"  1994
The Cult  "She Sells Sanctuary"  1985
The Cult  "Edie (Ciao Baby)"  1989
The Cure  "High" 
The Cure  "Friday I'm in Love" 
The Cure  "Close to Me" 
The Cure  "Pictures of You" 
The Cure  "Lovesong" 
The Cure  "Lullaby" 
The Cure  "Just Like Heaven" 
The Cure  "Why Can't I Be You?" 
The Cure  "Fascination Street" 
The Cure  "Catch" 
The Cure  "10:15 Saturday Night"  1978
The Cure  "Jumping Someone Else's Train"  1979
The Cure  "Boys Don't Cry"  1979
The Cure  "A Forest"  1980
The Cure  "Play For Today"  1980
The Cure  "Charlotte Sometimes"  1981
The Cure  "Other Voices"  1981
The Cure  "Primary"  1981
The Cure  "The Hanging Garden"  1982
The Cure  "The Lovecats"  1983
The Cure  "The Caterpillar"  1984
The Cure  "A Night Like This"  1985
The Cure  "Close To Me"  1985
The Cure  "In Between Days"  1985
The Cure  "How Beautiful You Are"  1987
The Cure  "Just Like Heaven"  1987
The Cure  "Why Can't I Be You?"  1987
The Cure  "One More Time"  1987
The Cure  "Homesick"  1989
The Cure  "Closedown"  1989
The Cure  "Love Song"  1989
The Cure  "Pictures Of You"  1989
The Cure  "Lullaby"  1989
The Cure  "Plainsong"  1989
The Cure  "Prayers For Rain"  1989
The Cure  "Fascination Street"  1989
The Cure  "Last Dance"  1989
The Cure  "The Same Deep Water As You"  1989
The Cure  "Untitled"  1989
The Cure  "Disintegration"  1989
The Cure  "Bare"  1996
The Cure  "This Is A Lie"  1996
The Cure  "Jupiter Crash"  1996
The Cure  "Treasure"  1996
The Cure  "Numb"  1996

Daft Punk  "Around The World"  1996
Daft Punk  "Around the World"  1997
Dan Fogelberg  "Same Old Lang Syne"  1980
Dando Shaft  "In the Country"  1972
Danno  "Bonus Track- Rawhide/DayO"  2000
Danzig  "Blood And Tears"  1990
Danzig  "Devil's Plaything"  1990
Darvish  "Hayy Jilani"  2002
Dave 'Baby' Cortez  "Happy Organ"  1959
Dave Brubeck Quartet  "Take Five"  1959
Dave Mason  "Long Lost Friend"  1975
David Bowie  "Space Oddity"  1969
David Bowie  "Changes"  1971
David Bowie  "Moonage Daydream"  1972
David Bowie  "Ziggy Stardust"  1972
David Bowie  "John, I'm Only Dancing"  1972
David Bowie  "Starman"  1972
David Bowie  "Suffragette City"  1972
David Bowie  "1984 (from vinyl)"  1974
David Bowie  "Rebel Rebel"  1974
David Bowie  "Young Americans"  1975
David Bowie  "Golden Years"  1975
David Bowie  "Fame"  1975
David Bowie  "Sound & Vision"  1976
David Bowie  "Heroes"  1977
David Bowie  "Ashes To Ashes"  1980
David Bowie  "Let's Dance"  1983
David Bowie  "China Girl"  1983
David Bowie  "Modern Love"  1983
David Bowie  "Blue Jean"  1984
David Bowie  "Absolute Beginners"  1986
David Essex  "Rock On"  1973
David Gilmour  "So Far Away"  1978
David Gilmour  "There's No Way Out Of Here"  1978
David Gilmour  "It's Deafinitely"  1978
David Gilmour  "I Can't Breathe Anymore"  1978
David Gilmour  "Cry From The Street"  1978
David Gilmour  "No Way"  1978
David Gilmour  "Mihalis"  1978
David Gilmour  "Raise My Rent"  1978
David Gilmour  "Short And Sweet"  1978
David Rhodes  "Down by the River"  1993
David Seville  "Witch Doctor"  1991
David Sylvian  "Let The Happiness In"  1987
David Sylvian  "Orpheus"  1987
David Sylvian  "Forbidden Colours"  1987
David Sylvian  "Mother And Child"  1987
David Sylvian  "Waterfront"  1987
David Sylvian  "The Boy With The Gun"  1987
David Sylvian  "The Devil's Own"  1987
David Sylvian  "When Poets Dreamed Of Angels"  1987
David Sylvian  "Maria"  1987
David Sylvian  "September"  1987
David Usher  "St Lawrence River"  1998
David Usher  "Trickster"  1998
De La Soul  "The Magic Number"  1989
Dead Kennedys  "Holiday In Cambodia"  1979
Dead Kennedys  "Soup Is Good Food"  1985
Dead Kennedys  "Holiday In Cambodia"  1987
Dead Kennedys  "Police Truck"  1987
Dead Kennedys  "California über Alles"  1987
Dead Kennedys  "Pull My Strings"  1987
Dead Or Alive  "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)"  1985
Dead Or Alive  "Brand New Lover"  1986
Death  "Politicians In My Eyes"  1975
Deep Purple  "Hey Joe"  1968
Deep Purple  "Hush"  1968
Deep Purple  "Mandrake Root"  1968
Deep Purple  "I'm So Glad"  1968
Deep Purple  "The Shield"  1968
Deep Purple  "Chasing Shadows"  1969
Deep Purple  "Bird Has Flown"  1969
Deep Purple  "The Bird Has Flown (Alternate A-Side Version)"  1969
Deep Purple  "Blind"  1969
Deep Purple  "April"  1969
Deep Purple  "Lalena"  1969
Deep Purple  "Lalena (BBC Radio Session)"  1969
Deep Purple  "Woman from Tokyo"  1973
Deep Purple  "Perfect Strangers"  1984
Deep Purple  "Nobody's Home"  1984
Deep Purple  "Knocking At Your Back Door"  1984
Deif Salim Saleh & Abdullah Mussa Ahmed  "Taksim In Hijaz Mode"  1988
Del Shannon  "Runaway"  1961
Depeche Mode  "Dreaming Of Me"  1981
Depeche Mode  "New Life"  1981
Depeche Mode  "Just Can't Get Enough"  1981
Depeche Mode  "Lie To Me"  1984
Depeche Mode  "Somebody"  1984
Depeche Mode  "People Are People"  1984
Depeche Mode  "Love In Itself"  1984
Depeche Mode  "Blasphemous Rumours"  1984
Depeche Mode  "Told You So"  1984
Depeche Mode  "Pipeline"  1984
Depeche Mode  "Everything Counts"  1984
Depeche Mode  "Now This Is Fun"  1984
Depeche Mode  "Master And Servant"  1984
Depeche Mode  "Shake The Disease"  1985
Depeche Mode  "The Things You Said"  1987
Depeche Mode  "Strangelove"  1987
Depeche Mode  "Waiting For The Night"  1990
Depeche Mode  "Personal Jesus"  1990
Depeche Mode  "Enjoy The Silence"  1990
Depeche Mode  "Policy Of Truth"  1990
Depeche Mode  "Halo"  1990
Derek & The Dominos  "Little Wing"  1970
Derek & The Dominos  "Layla"  1970
Devendra Banhart  "Now That I Know"  2005
Devo  "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"  1977
Devo  "Whip It"  1980
Devo  "Working in a Coal Mine"  1981
Dexy's Midnight Runners  "Come on Eileen"  1982
Dick Dale  "Let's Go Trippin'"  1961
Dick Dale  "Take It Off"  1962
Dick Dale  "Shake 'n' Stomp"  1962
Dick Dale  "Misirlou"  1962
Dick Dale  "The Wedge"  1963
Dick Dale  "Riders In The Sky"  1963
Dick Dale  "Hava Nagila"  1963
Dick Dale  "The Victor"  1964
Dick Dale  "Banzai Washout"  1964
Dick Dale  "Tidal Wave"  1964
Dick Dale  "Caravan"  1993
Dick Dale & His Del-Tones With Stevie Ray Vaughn  "Pipeline"  1987
Dire Straits  "Skateaway"  1980
Dire Straits  "Solid Rock"  1980
Dire Straits  "Romeo & Juliet"  1980
Dire Straits  "Expresso Love"  1980
Dire Straits  "Tunnel Of Love"  1980
Dire Straits  "Hand In Hand"  1980
Dire Straits  "Les Boys"  1980
Dizzy Gillespie  "Kush"  2001
DJ Shadow  "Midnight In a Perfect World"  1996
DJ Shadow  "You Can't Go Home Again"  2002
Django Django  "Storm"  2012
Django Django  "Default"  2012
Djivan Gasparyan  "A Cool Wind Is Blowing"  1989
Dmitri Shostakovich  "Sonata Op. 147: Allegretto"  1990
Don Felder  "All Of You"  1981
Don Felder  "Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride)"  1981
Don Henley  "Dirty Laundry"  1982
Don Henley  "The Boys Of Summer"  1984
Don Henley  "All She Wants To Do Is Dance"  1984
Don Henley  "Sunset Grill"  1984
Don Henley  "New York Minute"  1989
Don Henley  "Everybody Knows"  1995
Don McLean  "American Pie"  1971
Don McLean  "Babylon"  1971
Donna Summer  "I Feel Love"  1977
Donna Summer  "Last Dance"  1978
Donna Summer  "Heaven Knows"  1979
Donovan  "Universal Soldier"  1965
Donovan  "Season of the Witch"  1967
Doudou N'Diaye Rose  "Rose Rhythm"  1992
Doug E. Fresh & MC Ricky D  "La-Di-Da-Di (from vinyl)"  1985
Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew  "The Show (from vinyl)"  1985
Dr. Dog  "The Old Days"  2009
Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show  "Cover Of The Rolling Stone"  1973
Dragoslav Aksentijevic Pavle (Russian Orthodox)  "Polieleos Servikos"  1992
Dread Zeppelin  "Black Dog"  1990
Dread Zeppelin  "Black Mountain Side"  1990
Dread Zeppelin  "Whole Lotta Love"  1990
Dread Zeppelin  "Immigrant Song"  1990
Dread Zeppelin  "Heartbreaker (At The End Of Lonely Street)"  1990
Dream Academy  "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want "  1986
Duane Eddy  "Rebel Rouser"  1958
Duane Eddy  "Peter Gunn"  1960
Duncan Sheik  "Barely Breathing"  1996
Duncan Sheik  "Serena"  1996
Duncan Sheik  "She Runs Away"  1996
Duran Duran  "The Wild Boys (Extended)" 
Duran Duran  "Is There Something I Should Know" 
Duran Duran  "Rio" 
Duran Duran  "Hungry Like the Wolf" 
Duran Duran  "Save a Prayer" 
Duran Duran  "Planet Earth" 
Duran Duran  "All She Wants Is" 
Duran Duran  "Union of the Snake" 
Duran Duran  "Girls On Film"  1981
Duran Duran  "Planet Earth"  1981
Duran Duran  "Rio"  1982
Duran Duran  "Hungry Like The Wolf"  1982
Duran Duran  "Save A Prayer"  1982
Duran Duran  "Is There Something I Should Know"  1983
Duran Duran  "New Moon on Monday"  1983
Duran Duran  "Union Of The Snake"  1983
Duran Duran  "Wild Boys"  1984
Duran Duran  "Wild Boys"  1984
Duran Duran  "A View To A Kill"  1985
Duran Duran  "Palomino"  1988
Duran Duran  "All She Wants Is"  1988
Duran Duran  "Land"  1988
The Damned  "Smash It Up Parts 1 & 2"  1979
The Damned  "Alone Again Or (from vinyl)"  1986
The Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra & Choir ë█ó Dmitri Kitajenko  "Alexander Nevsky, Op 78 : V The Battle on Ice"  1991
The Dazz Band  "Let It Whip"  1982
The Dead Milkmen  "Punk Rock Girl"  1997
The Decemberists  "Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)"  2006
The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy  "Everyday Life Has Become A Health Risk"  1994
The Doors  "Take It As It Comes"  1967
The Doors  "Moonlight Drive"  1967
The Doors  "You're Lost Little Girl"  1967
The Doors  "Light My Fire"  1967
The Doors  "Horse Latitudes"  1967
The Doors  "My Eyes Have Seen You"  1967
The Doors  "People Are Strange"  1967
The Doors  "The Crystal Ship"  1967
The Doors  "I Can't See Your Face In My Mind"  1967
The Doors  "The End"  1967
The Doors  "When The Music's Over"  1967
The Doors  "Break on Through"  1967
The Doors  "Strange Days"  1967
The Doors  "Twentienth Century Fox"  1967
The Doors  "Unhappy Girl"  1967
The Doors  "The Unknown Soldier"  1968
The Doors  "We Could Be So Good Together"  1968
The Doors  "My Wild Love"  1968
The Doors  "Spanish Caravan"  1968
The Doors  "Love Street"  1968
The Doors  "Not To Touch The Earth"  1968
The Doors  "Wintertime Love"  1968
The Doors  "Summer's Almost Gone"  1968
The Doors  "Yes, The River Knows"  1968
The Doors  "Five To One"  1968
The Doors  "Tell All The People"  1969
The Doors  "Runnin' Blue"  1969
The Doors  "Touch Me"  1969
The Doors  "Wild Child"  1969
The Doors  "Wishful Sinful"  1969
The Doors  "Shaman's Blues"  1969
The Doors  "The Soft Parade"  1969
The Doors  "Do It"  1969
The Doors  "Riders On The Storm"  1971
The Durutti Column  "Messidor"  1981

Eagles  "The Last Resort"  1976
Earth Wind & Fire  "Sing A Song"  1975
Earth Wind & Fire  "That's The Way Of The World"  1975
Earth Wind & Fire  "Fantasy"  1977
Earth Wind & Fire  "September"  1978
Earth Wind & Fire  "Let's Groove"  1981
Eartha Kitt & Henri René  "Santa Baby"  2003
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Silver (The Life At Brian's Sessions)"  1983
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Villiers Terrace (The Life At Brian's Sessions)"  1983
Echo & The Bunnymen  "The Cutter"  1983
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Never Stop"  1983
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Stars Are Stars (The Life At Brian's Sessions)"  1983
Echo & The Bunnymen  "All You Need Is Love (The Life At Brian's Sessions)"  1983
Echo & The Bunnymen  "The Killing Moon (The Life At Brian's Sessions)"  1983
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Angels And Devils"  1983
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Silver"  1984
Echo & The Bunnymen  "The Yo-Yo Man"  1984
Echo & The Bunnymen  "My Kingdom"  1984
Echo & The Bunnymen  "My Kingdom (Live - A Crystal Day - 12 May 1984)"  1984
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Thorn Of Crowns"  1984
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Crystal Days"  1984
Echo & The Bunnymen  "The Killing Moon"  1984
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Nocturnal Me"  1984
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Seven Seas"  1984
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Ocean Rain"  1984
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Ocean Rain (Live - A Crystal Day - 12 May 1984)"  1984
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Bring On The Dancing Horses"  1985
Echo & The Bunnymen  "Lips Like Sugar"  1987
Eddie Money  "Two Tickets to Paradise"  1978
Eddie Money  "Baby Hold On"  1978
Eddy Grant  "Electric Avenue"  1983
Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians  "The Wheel"  1988
Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians  "Circle"  1988
Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians  "Love Like We Do"  1988
Edison Lighthouse  "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)"  1970
Edvard Grieg  "Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite #1, Op. 46 - 4. In The Hall Of The Mountain King"  1981
Edwin Starr  "War"  1970
Eiffel 65  "Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Radio Edit]"  1999
Electric Light Orchestra  "Can't Get It Out of My Head"  1974
Electric Light Orchestra  "Waterfall"  1975
Electric Light Orchestra  "Nightrider"  1975
Electric Light Orchestra  "Strange Magic"  1975
Electric Light Orchestra  "Evil Woman"  1975
Electric Light Orchestra  "Fire On High"  1975
Electric Light Orchestra  "Do Ya"  1976
Electric Light Orchestra  "Telephone Line"  1976
Electric Light Orchestra  "So Fine"  1976
Electric Light Orchestra  "Livin' Thing"  1976
Electric Light Orchestra  "Mr. Blue Sky"  1977
Electric Light Orchestra  "Turn to Stone"  1977
Electric Light Orchestra  "Sweet Talkin' Woman"  1977
Ella Fitzgerald & Frank Devol Orchestra  "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!"  1993
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong  "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off"  1997
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan  "Baby, It's Cold Outside"  1965
Elliot Smith  "Angeles"  1997
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  "The Three Fates"  1970
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  "Take A Pebble"  1970
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  "The Barbarian"  1970
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  "Lucky Man"  1970
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  "Knife Edge"  1970
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  "Jerusalem"  1973
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  "Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Part 1"  1973
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  "Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Part 2"  1973
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  "Karn Evil 9: 2nd Impression"  1973
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  "Karn Evil 9: 3rd Impression"  1973
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  "Still...You Turn Me On"  1973
Emiliana Torrini  "Gollum's Song (Vocal Version) [Featuring Helen Hobson]"  2004
England Dan & John Ford Coley  "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight"  1976
Enya  "Orinoco Flow"  1988
Enya  "Watermark"  1988
Enya  "Storms In Africa"  1988
Enya  "Na Laetha Geal M'óige"  1989
Enya  "Cursum Perficio"  1989
Enya  "Evening Falls"  1989
Enya  "The Longships"  1989
Enya  "Exile"  1989
Enya  "On Your Shore"  1989
Enya  "Miss Clare Remembers"  1989
Era  "Ameno"  1998
Eric B. & Rakim  "I Know You Got Soul"  1987
Eric Burdon & The Animals  "When I Was Young"  1967
Eric Burdon & The Animals  "Sky Pilot"  1968
Eric Burdon & War  "Spill The Wine"  1969
Eric Clapton  "Let It Rain"  1970
Eric Clapton  "Motherless Children"  1974
Eric Clapton  "Better Make It Through Today"  1974
Eric Clapton  "I Shot The Sheriff"  1974
Eric Clapton  "Please Be With Me"  1974
Eric Clapton  "Mainline Florida"  1974
Eric Clapton  "Let It Grow"  1974
Eric Clapton  "Peaches & Diesel"  1977
Eric Clapton  "The Core"  1977
Eric Clapton  "May You Never"  1977
Eric Clapton  "Wonderful Tonight"  1977
Erik Satie  "Satie: 6 Gnossiennes - #1: Lent"  2000
Erik Satie  "Satie: 6 Gnossiennes - #2: Avec Etonnement"  2000
Erik Satie  "Satie: 6 Gnossiennes - #3: Lent"  2000
Erik Satie  "Satie: 6 Gnossiennes - #4: Lent"  2000
Erik Satie  "Satie: 6 Gnossiennes - #5: Modere"  2000
Erik Satie  "Satie: 6 Gnossiennes - #6: Avec Conviction Et Une Tristesse Rigoureuse"  2000
Erik Satie  "Satie: Trois Gymnopedies - #1: Lent Et Douloureux"  2000
Erik Satie  "Satie: Trois Gymnopedies - #2: Lent Et Triste"  2000
Erik Satie  "Satie: Trois Gymnopedies - #3: Lent Et Grave"  2000
Ethiopian Musicians  "Tejbeit"  1989
Etta James  "Stormy Weather"  1999
Eurythmics  "This City Never Sleeps"  1983
Eurythmics  "Jennifer"  1983
Eurythmics  "Love Is A Stranger"  1983
Eurythmics  "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)"  1983
Eurythmics  "Here Comes The Rain Again"  1983
Eurythmics  "Would I Lie To You?"  1985
Everything But The Girl  "Feeling Dizzy"  1981
Everything But The Girl  "Night And Day"  1983
Everything But The Girl  "Wrong"  1996
Everything But The Girl  "Wrong (Todd Terry Remix)"  1996
Eyeless In Gaza  "From A To B"  1982
Eyeless In Gaza  "Sun Bursts In"  1984
Eyeless In Gaza  "To Cry Mercy"  1994
The Easybeats  "Friday On My Mind"  1967
The Edgar Winter Group  "Frankenstein"  1972
The English Beat  "Mirror In The Bathroom"  1981
The English Beat  "I Confess (from vinyl)"  1982
The English Beat  "Save it for Later (from vinyl)"  1982
The English Beat  "Tears Of A Clown"  1983
The English Beat  "Best Friend"  1983
The English Beat  "Twist & Crawl"  1983
The English Beat  "Can't Get Used To Losing You"  1983
The Etiquette  "Outside In"  2015
The Etiquette  "Island"  2015

A Flock of Seagulls  "Wishin' (If I had a photograph of you)"  1983
A Flock of Seagulls  "The More You Live, the More You Love"  1984
Fad Gadget  "Saturday Night Special"  1980
Fad Gadget  "Life On The Line IV"  1982
Fad Gadget  "For Whom The Bells Toll"  1982
Fad Gadget  "Cipher"  1982
Fad Gadget  "Love Parasite"  1982
Fad Gadget  "Wheels Of Fortune"  1982
Fad Gadget  "Plainsong"  1982
Fad Gadget  "The Sheep Look Up"  1982
Fairport Convention  "Tam Lin"  1969
Fairport Convention  "Fotheringay"  1969
Fairport Convention  "Who Knows Where the Time Goes"  1969
Fairport Convention  "Now Be Thankful"  1970
Fairport Convention  "John The Gun"  1974
Faith No More  "We Care A Lot"  1987
Fantastic Something  "If She Doesn't Smile..."  1981
Farafina  "Farafina / Farafina"  1992
Fatala  "Yoky"  1989
Fatboy Slim  "Right Here Right Now"  1998
Fatima Al Qadiri  "Shanghai Freeway"  2014
Felt  "Penelope Tree"  1983
Felt  "Primitive Painters"  1985
Fire  "Like To Help You If I Can"  2008
Fleetwood Mac  "Dragonfly"  1969
Fleetwood Mac  "Before The Beginning"  1969
Fleetwood Mac  "My Dream"  1969
Fleetwood Mac  "Closing My Eyes"  1969
Fleetwood Mac  "Coming Your Way"  1969
Fleetwood Mac  "Albratross"  1969
Fleetwood Mac  "When You Say"  1969
Fleetwood Mac  "Although The Sun Is Shining"  1969
Fleetwood Mac  "Man Of The World"  1969
Fleetwood Mac  "Oh Well"  1969
Fleetwood Mac  "Underway"  1969
Fleetwood Mac  "The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)"  1970
Fleetwood Mac  "Bare Trees"  1972
Fleetwood Mac  "Dust"  1972
Fleetwood Mac  "Sentimental Lady"  1972
Fleetwood Mac  "Sunny Side of Heaven"  1972
Fleetwood Mac  "For Your Love"  1973
Fleetwood Mac  "Hypnotized"  1973
Fleetwood Mac  "Emerald Eyes"  1973
Fleetwood Mac  "Why"  1973
Fleetwood Mac  "Rhiannon"  1975
Fleetwood Mac  "Landslide"  1975
Fleetwood Mac  "Dreams"  1977
Fleetwood Mac  "The Chain"  1977
Fleetwood Mac  "Go Your Own Way"  1977
Fleetwood Mac  "Gold Dust Woman"  1977
Fleetwood Mac  "Sara"  1979
Fleetwood Mac  "Hold Me"  1982
Fleetwood Mac  "Gypsy"  1982
Fleetwood Mac  "Little Lies"  1987
Fleetwood Mac  "Big Love"  1987
Florence + The Machine  "Dog Days Are Over"  2009
Florence + The Machine  "Howl"  2009
Florence + The Machine  "Blinding"  2009
Flowerpot Men  "Beat City"  1986
Focus  "Hocus Pocus"  1971
Foreigner  "Cold As Ice"  1977
Foreigner  "Long, Long Way From Home"  1977
Foreigner  "Starrider"  1977
Foreigner  "Back Where You Belong"  1978
Foreigner  "Double Vision"  1978
Foreigner  "Hot Blooded"  1978
Foreigner  "Blue Morning, Blue Day"  1978
Francis Dunnery  "In My Dreams"  1995
Frank Sinatra  "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"  2004
Frank Zappa  "Trouble Every Day"  1966
Frank Zappa  "Little Umbrellas"  1969
Frank Zappa  "It Must Be A Camel"  1969
Frank Zappa  "Son Of Mr. Green Genes"  1969
Frank Zappa  "Peaches En Regalia"  1969
Frank Zappa  "The Gumbo Variations"  1969
Frank Zappa  "My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama"  1970
Frank Zappa  "For Calvin (And His Next Two Hitch-Hikers)"  1972
Frank Zappa  "Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus"  1972
Frank Zappa  "Eat That Question"  1972
Frank Zappa  "Blessed Relief"  1972
Frank Zappa  "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow"  1973
Frank Zappa  "Nanook Rubs It"  1973
Frank Zappa  "Cosmik Debris"  1973
Frank Zappa  "St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast"  1973
Frank Zappa  "Stink Foot"  1973
Frank Zappa  "Apostrophe"  1973
Frank Zappa  "Father O'Blivion"  1973
Frank Zappa  "Uncle Remus"  1973
Frank Zappa  "Montana"  1974
Frank Zappa  "Zomby Woof"  1974
Frank Zappa  "50/50"  1974
Frank Zappa  "I'm The Slime"  1974
Frank Zappa  "Camarillo Brillo"  1974
Frank Zappa  "San Ber'dino"  1975
Frank Zappa  "Zoot Allures"  1976
Frank Zappa  "Black Napkins [Live]"  1976
Frank Zappa  "Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station"  1976
Frank Zappa  "Disco Boy"  1976
Frank Zappa  "Joe's Garage"  1979
Frank Zappa  "Dancin' Fool"  1979
Frank Zappa  "Wild Love"  1979
Frank Zappa  "Baby Snakes"  1979
Frank Zappa  "Flakes"  1979
Frank Zappa  "Dumb All Over"  1981
Frank Zappa  "Conehead"  1981
Frank Zappa  "Goblin Girl"  1981
Frank Zappa  "Jumbo Go Away"  1981
Frank Zappa  "You Are What You Is"  1981
Frank Zappa  "Drowning Witch"  1982
Frank Zappa  "No Not Now"  1982
Frank Zappa  "Valley Girl"  1982
Frank Zappa  "Be In My Video"  1984
Frank Zappa  "Whippin' Post"  1984
Frank Zappa  "Planet Of My Dreams"  1984
Frank Zappa  "In France"  1984
Frank Zappa  "Baby, Take Your Teeth Out"  1984
Frank Zappa & The Mothers  "Mom & Dad"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers  "Flower Punk"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers  "Let's Make The Water Turn Black"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers  "Mother People"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers  "Telephone Conversation"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers  "Absolutely Free"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers  "Concentration Moon"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers  "Bow Tie Daddy"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers  "Who Needs The Peace Corps?"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention  "You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention  "Duke Of Prunes"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention  "Hungry Freaks, Daddy"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention  "Plastic People"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention  "Who Are The Brain Police"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention  "I'm Not Satisfied"  1968
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention  "Call Any Vegetable"  1968
Frankie Goes to Hollywood  "Relax"  1984
Frankie Laine  "Theme from Rawhide"  1959
Franz Ferdinand  "Take Me Out"  2003
Freakpower  "Turn On, Tune In, Find Joy"  1995
Frente!  "Reflect"  1994
Frente!  "Most Beautiful"  1994
Frente!  "Bizarre Love Triangle"  1994
Frente!  "Girl"  1994
Frente!  "Explode"  1994
Frente!  "Labour Of Love"  1994
Funkadelic  "One Nation Under a Groove (from vinyl)"  1978
Further  "Insight"  1995
The Firm  "Star Trekkin'"  1991
The Five Americans  "I See The Light"  1965
The Fixx  "Red Skies (from vinyl)"  1982
The Fixx  "Stand or Fall (from vinyl)"  1982
The Fixx  "Saved By Zero"  1983
The Fixx  "One Thing Leads To Another"  1983
The Fixx  "Deeper And Deeper (Long Version)"  1984
The Fixx  "Stand Or Fall (Live)"  1987
The Flaming Lips  "A Spoonful Weighs A Ton"  1999
The Flaming Lips  "Race For The Prize (Remix)"  1999
The Flaming Lips  "35,000 Ft"  2002
The Foundations  "Baby, Now That I've Found You"  1967
The Foundations  "Build Me Up Buttercup"  1968
The Four Tops  "Without The One You Love (Life's Not Worth While)"  1964
The Four Tops  "Baby I Need Your Loving"  1964
The Four Tops  "Something About You"  1965
The Four Tops  "It's The Same Old Song"  1965
The Four Tops  "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)"  1965
The Four Tops  "Ask The Lonely"  1965
The Four Tops  "Standing In The Shadows Of Love"  1966
The Four Tops  "Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)"  1966
The Four Tops  "Reach Out I'll Be There"  1966
The Four Tops  "7-Rooms Of Gloom"  1967
The Four Tops  "Bernadette"  1967
The Four Tops  "I Got A Feeling"  1967
The Four Tops  "Walk Away Renee"  1968
The Four Tops  "I'm In A Different World"  1968
The Four Tops  "What Is A Man"  1969
The Funky Four +1  "Rappin' and Rockin' the House (from vinyl)"  1983

G S Sachdev  "Raga Madhu Kauns"  1992
Garvey  "Goodbye Horses (featuring Q Lazzarus) Full Original Version"  1988
Gary Glitter  "Rock 'n Roll, Pt. 2"  1972
Gary Lewis And The Playboys  "This Diamond Ring"  1965
Gary Numan  "Cars"  1979
Geggy Tah  "Whoever You Are"  1996
Gene Chandler  "Duke Of Earl" 
Gene Loves Jezebel  "Influenza"  1983
Gene Loves Jezebel  "Screaming For Emmalene / Scheming"  1983
Gene Loves Jezebel  "Wait And See"  1986
Gene Loves Jezebel  "Over The Rooftops"  1986
Gene Loves Jezebel  "Beyond Doubt"  1986
Gene Loves Jezebel  "A White Horse"  1986
Gene Loves Jezebel  "Brand New Moon"  1986
Gene Loves Jezebel  "Maid Of Sker"  1986
Gene Loves Jezebel  "Kick"  1986
Gene Loves Jezebel  "Desire"  1986
Gene Loves Jezebel  "Heartache"  1986
Gene Loves Jezebel  "Sweetest Thing"  1986
General Public  "Tenderness (from vinyl)"  1984
Genesis  "Horizons"  1972
Genesis  "Watcher Of The Skies"  1972
Genesis  "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (from vinyl)"  1974
Geoffrey Chaucer  "Prologue to the Canterbury Tales - Read by KRS" 
Gin Blossoms  "Hey Jealousy"  1992
Gin Blossoms  "Found Out About You"  1992
Gin Blossoms  "Allison Road"  1992
Gin Blossoms  "Cajun Song"  1992
Gin Blossoms  "Until I Fall Away"  1992
Gloria Gaynor  "I Will Survive"  1979
Gnawa Musicians Of Marrakesh  "Tramin"  1992
Golden Earring  "Radar Love"  1973
Golden Earring  "Candy's Going Bad"  1973
Golden Earring  "Vanilla Queen"  1973
Golden Earring  "Ce Soir"  1975
Golden Earring  "Mad Love's Comin'"  1976
Golden Earring  "Twilight Zone"  1982
Golden Earring  "Quiet Eyes"  1986
Gomez  "Tijuana Lady"  1998
Goo Goo Dolls  "Name"  1995
Goo Goo Dolls  "Iris"  1998
Gordon Lightfoot  "Beautiful (from vinyl)"  1972
Gorillaz  "Clint Eastwood" 
Gorillaz  "Don't Get Lost In Heaven"  2005
Gorillaz  "El Manana"  2005
Gorillaz  "Feel Good Inc."  2005
Gorillaz  "Last Living Souls"  2005
Gorillaz  "Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head"  2005
Gorillaz  "Dirty Harry"  2005
Grab Grab The Haddock  "Last Fond Goodbye"  1986
Grand Funk Railroad  "Aimless Lady"  1970
Grand Funk Railroad  "I'm Your Captain"  1970
Grand Funk Railroad  "Heartbreaker (2002 Digital Remaster)"  1970
Grand Funk Railroad  "Bad Time"  1975
Grandmaster Flash  "The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash On the Wheels of Steel"  1982
Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel  "White Lines (Don't Do It)"  1983
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five  "The Message"  1982
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five  "Super Rappin' No. 2 (from vinyl)"  1983
Grant Lee Buffalo  "Rock Of Ages"  1994
Grant Lee Buffalo  "We've Only Just Begun"  1994
Grant Lee Buffalo  "Happiness"  1994
Grant Lee Buffalo  "Lady Godiva And Me"  1994
Grant Lee Buffalo  "Mighty Joe Moon"  1994
Grant Lee Buffalo  "Mockingbirds"  1994
Grateful Dead  "Saint Stephen (Live)"  1968
Grateful Dead  "Dark Star (Live)"  1968
Grateful Dead  "Dark Star (Excerpt)"  1970
Green Jelly  "Three Little Pigs"  1993
Greg Kihn Band  "The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em) (from vinyl)"  1981
Greg Lake  "I Believe in Father Christmas (LP version)"  1975
Grizzly Bear  "Foreground"  2009
Grizzly Bear  "Southern Point"  2009
Grizzly Bear  "All We Ask"  2009
Grizzly Bear  "Two Weeks"  2009
Guards  "Not Supposed To"  2013
Guns N' Roses  "Mr. Brownstone"  1987
Guns N' Roses  "My Michelle"  1987
Guns N' Roses  "Welcome To The Jungle"  1987
Guns N' Roses  "Sweet Child O' Mine"  1987
Guns N' Roses  "Patience"  1989
Guns N' Roses  "Used To Love Her"  1989
Guns N' Roses  "You Could Be Mine"  1991
Guns N' Roses  "Don't Cry"  1991
Guns N' Roses  "Don't Cry (Original)"  1991
Guns N' Roses  "Civil War"  1991
Guns N' Roses  "November Rain"  1991
Guster  "Eden"  1995
Gwen Stefani  "Hollaback Girl (Radio Version)"  2005
The Gap Band  "You Dropped a Bomb on Me"  1982
The Go-Betweens  "That Way"  1983
The Go-Betweens  "Cattle and Cane"  1983
The Go-Betweens  "Bachelor Kisses"  1984
The Go-Betweens  "Bye Bye Pride"  1987
The Go-Betweens  "Streets of Your Town"  1988
The Go-Go's  "Our Lips Are Sealed"  1981
The Grass Roots  "Midnight Confessions"  1968
The Grass Roots  "Sooner or Later"  1971
The Guess Who  "Shakin' All Over"  1965
The Guess Who  "These Eyes"  1969
The Guess Who  "Undun"  1969
The Guess Who  "Laughing"  1969
The Guess Who  "No Time"  1970
The Guo Brothers  "Evening Song"  1990

Hölderlin  "Requiem Für Einen Wicht"  1972
Hölderlin  "Waren Wir"  1972
Hölderlin  "Erwachen"  1972
Hölderlin  "Traum"  1972
H.M.S. Bounty  "Girl (I'm Waiting For You)"  1985
Hall & Oates  "Sara Smile"  1974
Hall & Oates  "She's Gone"  1976
Hall & Oates  "Kiss On My List"  1981
Hall & Oates  "Private Eyes"  1981
Hall & Oates  "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)"  1982
Hall & Oates  "Maneater"  1982
Hall & Oates  "Wait For Me (Live)"  1983
Hall & Oates  "Say It Isn't So"  1983
Hall & Oates  "One On One"  1983
Hall & Oates  "Adult Education"  1984
Handsome Furs  "Radio Kaliningrad"  2009
Hang On The Box  "Di Di Di"  2004
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes  "If You Don't Know Me By Now"  1972
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes  "The Love I Lost"  1973
Heart  "Sing Child"  1976
Heart  "(Love Me Like Music) I'll Be Your Song"  1976
Heart  "Dreamboat Annie"  1976
Heart  "Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child)"  1976
Heart  "Dreamboat Annie (Reprise)"  1976
Heart  "How Deep It Goes"  1976
Heart  "Soul Of The Sea"  1976
Heart  "Crazy On You"  1976
Heart  "Magic Man"  1976
Heart  "Barracuda"  1977
Heart  "Dog & Butterfly"  1978
Heart  "Lighter Touch"  1978
Heart  "Nada One"  1978
Heart  "Straight On"  1978
Heart  "Mistral Wind"  1978
Heartless Bastards  "Into the Open"  2006
Heather Nova  "Walking Higher (live)"  1995
Heather Nova  "Sugar (live)"  1995
Heather Nova  "Maybe an Angel (live)"  1995
Heatwave  "Boogie Nights"  1976
Heatwave  "The Groove Line (Disco Version)"  1977
Henry Mancini  "The Pink Panther Theme"  1963
Henry Mancini  "A Shot in the Dark"  1964
Henry Purcell  "Purcell, Chaconne g-moll"  1968
Henry Reed  "Irish Washerwoman"  1966
Henry Reed  "Frosty Morning"  1966
Henry Reed  "House Carpenter"  1966
Henry Reed  "West Virginia Gals"  1966
Henry Reed  "Kitchen Girl"  1966
Henry Reed  "The Route"  1966
Henry Reed  "Sweet Sunny South"  1966
Henry Reed  "Fare Thee Well My Dear Brother"  1967
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass  "A Taste of Honey"  2005
Herbie Hancock  "Watermelon Man"  1962
Herbie Hancock  "Driftin'"  1962
Herbie Hancock  "Cantaloupe Island"  1964
Herbie Hancock  "Maiden Voyage"  1965
Hideo Osaka Ensemble  "Sakura"  2006
Higher Ground  "Shake 'em Up (from vinyl)"  1983
Hole  "Doll Parts"  1994
Hole  "Violet"  1994
Hole  "Softer. Softest"  1994
Hole  "Jennifers Body"  1994
Hole  "I Think That I Would Die"  1994
Hole  "Asking For It"  1994
Hole  "Miss World"  1994
Honeymoon Stitch  "Day Of The Lords"  1995
Hooverphonic  "Innervoice"  1997
Hooverphonic  "Barabas"  1997
Hooverphonic  "Cinderella"  1997
Hooverphonic  "Plus Profond"  1997
Hooverphonic  "Nr. 9"  1997
Hooverphonic  "Renaissance Affair"  2000
Hooverphonic  "Out Of Sight"  2000
Hooverphonic  "Waves"  2000
Hooverphonic  "Jacky Cane"  2000
Hooverphonic  "Pink Fluffy Dinosaurs"  2000
Hooverphonic  "Mad About You"  2000
Hooverphonic  "The Magnificent Tree"  2000
Hooverphonic  "L'Odeur Animale"  2000
Hooverphonic  "Autoharp"  2000
Hossam Ramzy  "Baladi We Hetta"  1988
Hossam Ramzy  "Fallahi"  1989
Huffamoose  "James"  1997
Hugh Masekela  "Grazing In the Grass"  1968
Hugo Montenegro and His Orchestra  "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"  1968
Hybrid Kids  "D'ya Think I'm Sexy?"  1979
The Hollies  "Bus Stop"  1966
The Hollies  "Carrie-Anne"  1967
The Hollies  "Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress)"  1972
The Holydrug Couple  "Slow Motion Cat"  2011
The Human League  "Human"  1986

Idaho  "Trip Over"  1999
Idaho  "The Sun Is All There Is"  1999
Ides Of March  "Vehicle"  1970
Iggy Pop  "Hang on Sloopy" 
Iggy Pop  "Lust For Life"  1977
Iggy Pop  "I'm Bored"  1979
Iggy Pop  "Candy"  1990
Iggy Pop  "Miss Argentina"  1999
Iggy Pop & Goran Bregovic  "This is a Film"  1993
Iggy Pop & Goran Bregovic  "Get the Money"  1993
Iggy Pop & Goran Bregovic  "In the Death Car"  1993
Igor Stravinksy  "Firebird Suite - Finale"  1990
Igor Stravinksy  "Firebird Suite - Infernal Dance Of King Kashchei"  1990
Igor Stravinksy  "Firebird Suite - Lullaby"  1990
Igor Stravinsky  "Stravinsky Firebird: 13. Danse infernale de tous les subjets de Kastche╠°"  1992
Ilhan Ersahin  "Fly"  2004
Ingram Marshall  "Fog Tropes"  1982
Inner City  "Good Life (from vinyl)"  1988
Interpol  "PDA"  2002
Interpol  "Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down"  2002
Interpol  "Hands Away"  2002
Interpol  "NYC"  2002
Interpol  "The New"  2002
Interpol  "Obstacle 1"  2002
Interpol  "Obstacle 2"  2002
Interpol  "Leif Erikson"  2002
INXS  "Don't Change"  1982
INXS  "The One Thing"  1982
INXS  "To Look At You"  1983
INXS  "Golden Playpen"  1983
INXS  "Here Comes"  1983
INXS  "Original Sin"  1984
INXS  "Listen Like Thieves"  1985
INXS  "Beautiful Girl"  1993
Irene Cara  "Fame"  1980
Iron Butterfly  "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"  1968
Iron Butterfly  "Get Out Of My Life, Woman"  1968
Iron Butterfly  "Possession"  1968
Iron Butterfly  "Fields Of Sun"  1968
Iron Butterfly  "It Must Be Love"  1969
Iron Butterfly  "Belda-Beast"  1969
Iron Butterfly  "Lonely Boy (Dedicated To Duneya West)"  1969
Iron Butterfly  "Soul Experience"  1969
Iron Butterfly  "In The Time Of Our Lives"  1969
Isaac Hayes  "Theme From 'Shaft'"  1971
Islamic Religious Brotherhood Members (Algeria)  "Recitation of Verses of the Qu'ran"  1992
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole  "Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" 
The Innocence Mission  "Clear To You"  1989
The Innocence Mission  "Black Sheep Wall"  1989
The Innocence Mission  "Curious"  1989
The Innocence Mission  "Broken Circle"  1989
The Isley Brothers  "Twist And Shout" 
The Isley Brothers  "Shout (Parts 1 & 2)"  1959
The Isley Brothers  "This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You)"  1966

J. Geils Band  "Centerfold"  1982
J.J. Fad  "Supersonic"  1988
Jack Black  "Let's Get It On"  2000
Jack Wood  "Born to Wander"  1967
Jackie Wilson  "Light My Fire" 
Jackie Wilson  "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher"  1967
Jackson Five  "ABC" 
Jacqueline Schwab  "Battle Cry Of Freedom"  1990
Jacqueline Schwab, Jesse Carr  "Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier"  1990
Jaggerz  "The Rapper"  1970
James  "Ring The Bells"  1994
James Brown  "Hell"  1974
James Galway, Hiro Fujikake  "Trad: Sakura (Cherry Blossom)"  1990
Jamiroquai  "Virtual Insanity"  1996
Jamiroquai  "Virtual Insanity"  1997
Jane Siberry  "Temple"  1993
Jane Siberry  "Sail Across The Water"  1993
Jane's Addiction  "Slow Divers"  1986
Jane's Addiction  "Thank You Boys"  1988
Jane's Addiction  "Jane Says"  1988
Jane's Addiction  "Summertime Rolls"  1988
Jane's Addiction  "Up The Beach"  1988
Jane's Addiction  "Then She Did..."  1990
Jane's Addiction  "Been Caught Stealing"  1990
Jane's Addiction  "Three Days"  1990
Jane's Addiction  "Jane Says"  1991
Janis Ian  "Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking)"  1967
Janne DA  "It's A Fine Day"  1983
Jasmon Feat. Mohammed Mounir  "Hanina (Jasmon Mix)"  2004
Jay Ungar & Jacqueline Schwab  "Battle Hymn Of The Republic"  1990
Jay Ungar, Matt Glasser, Evan Stover, Russ Barenburg, Molly Mason  "Ashokan Farewell"  1990
Jay Unger, Yonatin Malin, Jacqueline Schwab, Molly Mason & Peter Amidon  "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"  1990
Jeff Beck  "Beck's Bolero"  1967
Jeff Buckley  "Mojo Pin"  1994
Jeff Buckley  "Lilac Wine"  1994
Jeff Buckley  "So Real"  1994
Jeff Buckley  "Dream Brother"  1994
Jeff Buckley  "Corpus Christi Carol (For Roy)"  1994
Jeff Buckley  "Lover, You Should Have Come Over"  1994
Jeff Buckley  "Grace"  1994
Jeff Buckley  "Hallelujah"  1994
Jeff Buckley  "Last Goodbye"  1994
Jefferson Airplane  "It's No Secret"  1966
Jefferson Airplane  "Come Up The Years"  1966
Jefferson Airplane  "My Best Friend"  1967
Jefferson Airplane  "Somebody To Love"  1967
Jefferson Airplane  "Comin' Back To Me"  1967
Jefferson Airplane  "Today"  1967
Jefferson Airplane  "Embryonic Journey"  1967
Jefferson Airplane  "White Rabbit"  1967
Jefferson Airplane  "Crown Of Creation"  1968
Jefferson Airplane  "Triad"  1968
Jefferson Airplane  "Lather"  1968
Jefferson Airplane  "Volunteers"  1969
Jefferson Airplane  "We Can Be Together"  1969
Jefferson Airplane  "Wooden Ships"  1969
Jefferson Starship  "Caroline"  1974
Jefferson Starship  "Miracles"  1975
Jefferson Starship  "With Your Love"  1976
Jefferson Starship  "Count On Me"  1977
Jefferson Starship  "Jane"  1979
Jem  "They"  2004
Jethro Tull  "Back To The Family"  1969
Jethro Tull  "For A Thousand Mothers"  1969
Jethro Tull  "Living in the Past"  1969
Jethro Tull  "We Used To Know"  1969
Jethro Tull  "Look Into The Sun"  1969
Jethro Tull  "Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square"  1969
Jethro Tull  "Bourée"  1969
Jethro Tull  "Nothing Is Easy"  1969
Jethro Tull  "Reasons For Waiting"  1969
Jethro Tull  "Inside"  1970
Jethro Tull  "For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me"  1970
Jethro Tull  "Teacher"  1970
Jethro Tull  "Son"  1970
Jethro Tull  "A Time For Everything"  1970
Jethro Tull  "Sossity"  1970
Jethro Tull  "To Cry You A Song"  1970
Jethro Tull  "Play In Time"  1970
Jethro Tull  "Nothing To Say"  1970
Jethro Tull  "Witches Promise"  1970
Jethro Tull  "With You There To Help Me"  1970
Jethro Tull  "Life's a Long Song"  1971
Jethro Tull  "Locomotive Breath"  1971
Jethro Tull  "Aqualung"  1971
Jethro Tull  "Thick as a Brick"  1972
Jethro Tull  "Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day"  1974
Jethro Tull  "Bungle in the Jungle"  1974
Jethro Tull  "Too Old to Rock and Roll, Too Young to Die"  1976
Jhelisa  "Friendly Pressure"  1995
Jim O'Rourke  "Memory Lame"  2001
Jim White  "Static On the Radio"  2004
Jimi Hendrix  "Hey Joe"  1967
Jimi Hendrix  "Highway Chile"  1967
Jimi Hendrix  "The Wind Cries Mary"  1967
Jimi Hendrix  "Foxy Lady"  1967
Jimi Hendrix  "51st Anniversary"  1967
Jimi Hendrix  "Stone Free"  1967
Jimi Hendrix  "Manic Depression"  1967
Jimi Hendrix  "Can You See Me"  1967
Jimi Hendrix  "Purple Haze"  1967
Jimi Hendrix  "Fire"  1967
Jimi Hendrix  "All Along The Watchtower"  1968
Jimi Hendrix  "Crosstown Traffic"  1968
Jimmy Eat World  "For Me This Is Heaven"  1999
Jimmy Eat World  "The Middle"  2002
Jimmy Gilmore & The Fireballs  "Bottle Of Wine"  1968
Joan Osborne  "St. Teresa"  1995
Joan Osborne  "One Of Us"  1995
Joe Jackson  "Fools in Love"  1979
Joe Jackson  "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"  1979
Joe Jackson  "It's Different for Girls"  1979
Joe Jackson  "Look Sharp!"  1979
Joe Jackson  "I'm the Man"  1979
Joe Jackson  "Cancer"  1982
Joe Jackson  "Real Men"  1982
Joey Ramone  "What A Wonderful World"  2002
Joey Ramone  "Searching For Something"  2002
Joey Ramone  "Maria Bartiromo"  2002
Joey Ramone  "I've Got A Spirit In My House"  2002
Johann Pachelbel  "Johann Pachelbel, Kanon und Gigue D-dur"  1968
Johann Sebastian Bac  "Bach: Trio Sonata #5 In C, Bwv 529 - 3. Allegro"  1964
Johann Sebastian Bac  "Bach: Wachet Auf, Ruft Uns Die Stimme, Bwv 645"  1964
Johann Sebastian Bac  "Bach: Prelude & Fugue In E Flat, Bwv 552"  1964
Johann Sebastian Bach  "Triosonate Nr.5 C-Dur BWV 529 - Allegro"  1964
Johann Sebastian Bach  "Triosonate Nr.5 C-Dur BWV 529 - Lagro"  1964
Johann Sebastian Bach  "Bach: Fantasia & Fugue In G Minor, BWV 542"  1964
Johann Sebastian Bach  "Bach: Kommst Du Nun, Jesus, Vom Himmel Herunter, BWV 650"  1964
Johann Sebastian Bach  "Bach: Toccata & Fugue In D Minor, BWV 565"  1964
Johann Sebastian Bach  "Badinerie h-moll aus der Orchestersuite Nr. 2 BWV 1067"  1968
Johann Sebastian Bach  "Choral 'Jesus bleibet meine Freude' nach der Kantate BWV 147"  1968
John Adams  "China Gates"  2007
John Fred & His Playboy Band  "Judy In Disguise"  1967
John Lee Hooker  "Boom Boom"  1997
John Levy, John Colby  "Shenandoah"  1990
John Martyn  "Don't Want To Know"  1973
John Martyn  "Solid Air"  1973
John Martyn  "The Man In The Station"  1973
John Martyn  "May You Never"  1973
Johnette Napolitano w/ Marc Moreland  "Hurting Each Other"  1994
Johnny Mandel  "Song of the Volga Boatmen (from vinyl)"  1965
Johnny Mandel  "Sailor's Chorus (from vinyl)"  1965
Johnny Mathis  "Sleigh Ride"  1984
Johnny Mathis  "Winter Wonderland"  2004
Joseph Ilala'ole (Hawaiian Name Chant)  "Mele Inoa No Hi'iaka"  1992
Joseph Schwantner  "...and the mountains rising nowhere"  1992
Joy Division  "No Love Lost"  1977
Joy Division  "Glass"  1978
Joy Division  "Novelty"  1978
Joy Division  "Digital"  1978
Joy Division  "From Safety To Where...?"  1979
Joy Division  "Love Will Tear Us Apart"  1979
Joy Division  "Dead Souls"  1979
Joy Division  "She's Lost Control"  1979
Joy Division  "Atmosphere"  1979
Joy Division  "Ceremony"  1981
Joy Division  "Something Must Break"  1981
Joy Division  "Passover"  1981
Joy Division  "New Dawn Fades"  1981
Joy Division  "Transmission"  1981
Joy Division  "The Kill"  1981
Joy Division  "Shadow Play"  1981
Joy Division  "Dead Souls"  1981
Joy Division  "Means To An End"  1981
Joy Division  "The Only Mistake"  1981
Joy Division  "Digital"  1981
Juno Reactor Vs. Don Davis  "Navras (Album Version)"  2003
The Jam  "That's Entertainment"  1980
The Jam  "The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)"  1982
The Jam  "Town Called Malice"  1982
The Jam  "In The City"  2004
The Jaynetts  "Sally Go Round The Roses" 
The Jimi Hendrix Experience  "Little Wing"  1967

K.C. and the Sunshine Band  "Keep It Comin' Love (from vinyl)"  1977
Kalen Nash  "White Oak"  2013
Kansas  "Carry On Wayward Son"  1976
Karmadelic  "Things I See"  2003
Karmadelic  "Earth Star"  2003
Kate Bush  "Moving"  1978
Kate Bush  "Wuthering Heights"  1978
Kate Bush  "Between A Man And A Woman"  1989
Kate Bush  "This Womans Work"  1989
Kate Bush  "Love And Anger"  1989
Kate Bush  "Never Be Mine"  1989
Kate Bush  "Moments Of Pleasure"  1993
Kate Bush  "Top Of The City"  1993
Keith Richards  "You Don't Move Me"  1988
Kevin Coyne  "Your Holiness"  1981
Kid Cudi  "Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)"  2009
Kid Cudi  "Day 'N' Nite (Nightmare)"  2009
Kid Cudi  "Up Up & Away"  2009
King Crimson  "Moonchild Including The Dream And The Illusion"  1969
King Crimson  "21st Century Schizoid Man Including Mirrors"  1969
King Crimson  "The Court Of The Crimson King Including The Return Of The Fire Witch And The Dance Of The Puppets"  1969
King Crimson  "Epitaph Including March For No Reason And Tomorrow And Tomorrow"  1969
King Crimson  "I Talk To The Wind"  1969
King Crimson  "Cirkus (Including Entry Of The Chameleons)"  1970
King Crimson  "Lizard"  1970
King Crimson  "Peace - A Theme"  1970
King Crimson  "Peace/ An End"  1970
King Crimson  "Peace/A Beginning"  1970
King Crimson  "The Devil's Triangle"  1970
King Crimson  "Cadence And Cascade"  1970
King Crimson  "Lady Of The Dancing Water"  1970
King Crimson  "In The Wake Of Poseidon, Including Libra's Theme"  1970
King Harvest  "Dancing In the Moonlight (Original Recording)"  1973
Kings Of Convenience  "Winning A Battle, Losing The War"  2001
Kiss  "Calling Dr. Love"  1976
KISS  "I Was Made for Lovin' You"  1979
Kitaro  "Wings"  1986
Kool & The Gang  "Jungle Boogie"  1973
Kool & The Gang  "Misled (Single Version)"  1985
Kraftwerk  "Kometenmelodie 2 (from vinyl)"  1974
Kraftwerk  "Radioactivity (from vinyl)"  1975
Kraftwerk  "Spacelab"  1978
Kraftwerk  "The Model"  1978
Kraftwerk  "The Model"  1978
Kraftwerk  "Metropolis"  1978
Kraftwerk  "The Robots"  1978
Kraftwerk  "Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution"  2008
Kudsi Erguner  "Ulvi"  1989
Kudsi Erguner  "Semai"  1990
Kudsi Erguner  "Suheyla"  1993
Kula Shaker  "Hey Dude"  1996
Kula Shaker  "303"  1996
Kula Shaker  "Into the Deep"  1996
Kula Shaker  "Sleeping Jiva"  1996
Kula Shaker  "Tattoo"  1996
Kula Shaker  "Hollow Men (parts 1 and 2)"  1996
Kula Shaker  "Smart Dogs"  1996
Kula Shaker  "Temple of Everlasting Light"  1996
Kula Shaker  "Start All Over"  1996
Kula Shaker  "Govinda"  1996
Kula Shaker  "Grateful When You're Dead/Jerry Was There"  1996
Kula Shaker  "Magic Theatre"  1996
Kula Shaker  "Knight on the Town"  1996
Kylie Minogue  "Can't Get You out of My Head"  2002
Kyoto Shakuhachi Master  "Kyusha Reibo"  1992
The Kingsmen  "Louie, Louie" 
The Kinks  "You Really Got Me"  1964
The Kinks  "All Day And All Of The Night"  1964
The Kinks  "Till The End Of The Day"  1965
The Kinks  "Well Respected Man"  1965
The Kinks  "Tired Of Waiting For You"  1965
The Kinks  "Set Me Free"  1965
The Kinks  "I'm Not Like Everybody Else"  1966
The Kinks  "Dead End Street"  1966
The Kinks  "Dedicated Follower Of Fashion"  1966
The Kinks  "Sunny Afternoon"  1966
The Kinks  "Waterloo Sunset"  1967
The Kinks  "Days"  1968
The Kinks  "Victoria"  1969
The Kinks  "Apeman"  1970
The Kinks  "Father Christmas"  1978
The Knack  "My Sharona"  1979
The Knack  "Good Girls Don't"  1979
The Knickerbockers  "Lies"  1966
The Knux  "Bang! Bang!"  2008
The Knux  "Hush"  2008
The Knux  "The List"  2008
The Knux  "Cappuccino"  2008

LaBelle  "Lady Marmalade"  1975
Ladytron  "Destroy Everything You Touch"  2011
Lalo Schifrin  "Mission: Impossible"  2002
Lambert & Nuttycombe  "Mr. Bojangles (click repair) (from vinyl)"  1970
Laura Nyro  "Timer"  1967
Laura Nyro  "The Confession"  1967
Laura Nyro  "Eli's Comin'"  1967
Laura Nyro  "Luckie"  1967
Laura Nyro  "Stoned Soul Picnic"  1967
Led Zeppelin  "Your Time Is Gonna Come"  1968
Led Zeppelin  "How Many More Times"  1968
Led Zeppelin  "Communication Breakdown"  1968
Led Zeppelin  "Black Mountain Side"  1968
Led Zeppelin  "Good Times Bad Times"  1968
Led Zeppelin  "Dazed And Confused"  1968
Led Zeppelin  "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You"  1968
Led Zeppelin  "Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)"  1969
Led Zeppelin  "Thank You"  1969
Led Zeppelin  "What Is and What Should Never Be"  1969
Led Zeppelin  "Whole Lotta Love"  1969
Led Zeppelin  "Heartbreaker"  1969
Led Zeppelin  "Ramble On"  1969
Led Zeppelin  "Moby Dick"  1969
Led Zeppelin  "Tangerine"  1970
Led Zeppelin  "Out On The Tiles"  1970
Led Zeppelin  "Friends"  1970
Led Zeppelin  "Gallows Pole"  1970
Led Zeppelin  "That's The Way"  1970
Led Zeppelin  "Immigrant Song"  1970
Led Zeppelin  "Four Sticks"  1971
Led Zeppelin  "Rock and Roll"  1971
Led Zeppelin  "The Battle of Evermore"  1971
Led Zeppelin  "Black Dog"  1971
Led Zeppelin  "Going to California"  1971
Led Zeppelin  "When the Levee Breaks"  1971
Led Zeppelin  "Stairway to Heaven"  1971
Led Zeppelin  "Misty Mountain Hop"  1971
Led Zeppelin  "Over The Hills And Far Away"  1973
Led Zeppelin  "D'Yer Mak'er"  1973
Led Zeppelin  "No Quarter"  1973
Led Zeppelin  "Dancing Days"  1973
Led Zeppelin  "The Ocean"  1973
Led Zeppelin  "The Rain Song"  1973
Led Zeppelin  "The Song Remains The Same"  1973
Led Zeppelin  "Down by the Seaside"  1975
Led Zeppelin  "Ten Years Gone"  1975
Led Zeppelin  "Houses of the Holy"  1975
Led Zeppelin  "Kashmir"  1975
Led Zeppelin  "Trampled Under Foot"  1975
Led Zeppelin  "Achilles Last Stand"  1976
Lee Michaels  "Do You Know What I Mean"  1971
Lemon Pipers  "Green Tambourine"  1967
Leo Delibes  "Lakme: Act I: Duettino: 'Viens, Mallika...'"  1990
Leonard Cohen  "Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye"  1968
Leonard Cohen  "Stranger Song"  1968
Leonard Cohen  "Winter Lady"  1968
Leonard Cohen  "Master Song"  1968
Leonard Cohen  "Suzanne"  1968
Leonard Cohen  "One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong"  1968
Leonard Cohen  "Waiting For The Miracle"  1992
Les Claypool's Frog Brigade  "Locomotive Breath"  2002
Lesley Gore  "It's My Party (Single Version)"  1963
Lighthouse  "One Fine Morning (from vinyl)"  1970
Lindsey Buckingham  "Trouble"  1987
Lipps, Inc.  "Funkytown (Single Version)"  1979
Little Roger & the Goosebumps  "Stairway to Gilligan's Island"  1978
Little Roger & the Goosebumps  "Who's the Lucky Guy?"  2006
LL Cool J  "Going Back to Cali"  1989
LL Cool J  "I'm that Type of Guy (from vinyl)"  1989
Lonnie Donegan And His Skiffle Group  "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On The Bedpost Overnight)"  1991
Looking Glass  "Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)"  1972
Lorelei  "Today's Shrug"  2009
Louis Armstrong  "What A Wonderful World"  1990
Love  "Always See Your Face"  1965
Love  "Softly To Me"  1966
Love  "My Little Red Book"  1966
Love  "Signed D.C."  1966
Love  "Orange Skies"  1967
Love  "Live And Let Live"  1967
Love  "A House Is Not A Motel"  1967
Love  "ň Que Vida!"  1967
Love  "The Castle"  1967
Love  "The Daily Planet"  1967
Love  "The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This"  1967
Love  "Stephanie Knows Who"  1967
Love  "Alone Again Or"  1967
Love  "Andmoreagain"  1967
Love  "Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Betwenn Clark And Hilldale"  1967
Love  "She Comes In Color"  1967
Love  "The Red Telephone"  1967
Love  "Willow Willow"  1969
Love  "August"  1969
Love Spirals Downwards  "Tear Love From My Mind"  1994
Love Spirals Downwards  "I Could Find It Only By Chance"  1994
Love Spirals Downwards  "Will You Fade"  1994
Love Spirals Downwards  "Subsequently"  1994
Love Spirals Downwards  "Kykeon"  1994
Love Spirals Downwards  "Depression Glass"  1994
Love Spirals Downwards  "Sunset Bell"  1994
Love Spirals Downwards  "Write In Water"  1994
Love Spirals Downwards  "Mirrors A Still Sky"  1994
Love Spirals Downwards  "Avincenna"  1994
Love Spirals Downwards  "Lieberflusse"  1996
Love Spirals Downwards  "Ipomoea"  1996
Love Spirals Downwards  "Above The Lone"  1996
Love Spirals Downwards  "El Pedregal"  1996
Love Spirals Downwards  "Madras"  1996
Love Spirals Downwards  "Ananda"  1996
Love Spirals Downwards  "Promises"  1996
Love Spirals Downwards  "Delta"  1996
Love Spirals Downwards  "Last Classic"  1996
Love Spirals Downwards  "Sideways Forest"  1996
Love Spirals Downwards  "Cay At Dawn"  1996
Low  "Transmission"  1995
Low  "Immune"  1999
Luigi Agostini  "Vento, Sole e Salsedine"  1993
Luigi Agostini  "Anime metalliche"  1994
Luscious Jackson  "Naked Eye"  1996
Lydia Witman  "Flicker"  2005
Lydia Witman  "This is a Chapter"  2005
The La's  "There She Goes"  1990
The Left Banke  "Walk Away Renée (from vinyl)"  1967
The Left Banke  "Pretty Ballerina (from vinyl)"  1967
The Lemonheads  "It's A Shame About Ray"  1992
The Lemonheads  "Rudderless"  1992
The Lovin' Spoonful  "You Didn't Have to Be So Nice"  1966
The Lovin' Spoonful  "Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?"  1966
The Lovin' Spoonful  "Summer In The City"  1972

M  "Popmuzik"  1979
M.C. Hammer  "U Can't Touch This"  1990
Madness  "Chipmunks Are Go!"  1979
Madness  "My Girl"  1979
Madness  "Night Boat To Cairo"  1979
Madness  "Swan Lake"  1979
Madness  "Razor Blade Alley"  1979
Madness  "One Step Beyond"  1979
Madness  "Our House"  1982
Madonna  "Holiday"  1983
Madonna  "Borderline"  1984
Madonna  "Live to Tell"  1986
Madonna  "Frozen"  1998
Mahamoud Tabrizi Zadeh  "Prelude In Tchahargah"  1989
Manfred Mann  "Do Wah Diddy Diddy"  1965
Maria Muldaur  "Mad Mad Me (from vinyl)"  1973
Marine Girls  "Flying Over Russia"  1981
Marine Girls  "20,000 Leagues"  1981
Marine Girls  "Holiday Song"  1981
Marine Girls  "Honey"  1981
Marine Girls  "Fridays"  1981
Marine Girls  "Times We Used To Spend"  1981
Marine Girls  "Tonight?"  1981
Marine Girls  "All Dressed Up"  1981
Marine Girls  "Marine Girls"  1981
Marine Girls  "Day/Night Dreams"  1981
Marine Girls  "Tutti Lo Sanno"  1981
Marine Girls  "Promises"  1981
Marine Girls  "He Got The Girl"  1981
Marine Girls  "On My Mind"  1981
Marine Girls  "In Love"  1981
Marine Girls  "Dishonesty"  1981
Marine Girls  "Silent Red"  1981
Marine Girls  "You Must Be Mad"  1983
Marine Girls  "Don't Come Back"  1983
Marine Girls  "A Different Light"  1983
Marine Girls  "That Fink, Jazz-Me-Blues Boy"  1983
Marine Girls  "A Place In The Sun"  1983
Marine Girls  "Love To Know"  1983
Marine Girls  "Second Sight"  1983
Marine Girls  "Such A Thing"  1983
Marine Girls  "Falling Again"  1983
Marine Girls  "Sunshine Blue"  1983
Marine Girls  "Fever"  1983
Marine Girls  "Shell Island"  1983
Marine Girls  "Lazy Ways"  1983
Marine Girls  "Leave Me With The Boy"  1983
Marion Black  "Who Knows"  1970
Mark-Almond  "One Way Sunday (from vinyl)"  1972
Marrs  "Pump Up The Volume"  1987
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas  "(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave"  1963
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas  "Dancing in the Streets"  1964
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas  "Nowhere to Run"  1965
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas  "Dancing In the Street (Single Version)"  2006
Martin Luther King, Jr.  "I Have A Dream"  1963
Martin Mull  "The Humming Song (from vinyl)"  1977
Martin Mull  "Men (from vinyl)"  1977
Marty Balin  "Hearts (from vinyl)"  1981
Marvin Gaye  "Can I Get A Witness"  1963
Marvin Gaye  "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)"  1964
Marvin Gaye  "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"  1968
Marvin Gaye  "What's Going On"  1971
Marvin Gaye  "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)"  1971
Marvin Gaye  "Lets Get It On"  1973
Mary Jane Girls  "In My House (12 Inch Mix)"  1985
Massive Attack  "Teardrop" 
Massive Attack  "Weather storm" 
Massive Attack  "Black Milk" 
Massive Attack  "Angel" 
Massive Attack  "Five Man Army" 
Massive Attack  "Dissolved Girl" 
Massive Attack  "Karmacoma (Portishead Experience)"  1995
Massive Attack  "Group Four"  1998
Massive Attack  "Man next door"  1998
Matt & Kim  "Daylight"  2009
Matt Bonner  "tripwire"  2002
Matt Glaser, Evan Stover, Jay Ungar, Art Baron & Molly Mason  "Kingdom Coming"  1990
Matthew Wilder  "Break My Stride"  1984
Maurice Deebank  "Four Corners Of The Earth"  1984
Maurice Ravel  "Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte"  1984
Maurice Ravel  "Bolero"  1984
Maus Haus  "We Used Technology (But Technology Let Us Down) [Courtesy of Pretty Blue Presents]"  2009
Mazzy Star  "Into Dust"  1993
Mazzy Star  "Mary Of Silence"  1993
Mazzy Star  "Fade Into You"  1993
Mazzy Star  "Five String Serenade"  1993
MC Solaar  "Nouveau Western"  1995
Meat Loaf  "You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)"  1977
Meat Loaf  "Paradise By The Dashboard Light"  1977
Meco  "Star Wars Title Theme (from vinyl)"  1977
Medium Medium  "Hungry So Angry"  1981
Melanie  "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) (from vinyl)"  1970
Men at Work  "It's a Mistake"  1983
Men Without Hats  "The Safety Dance"  1982
Menahan Street Band  "Make The Road By Walking"  2008
Metallica  "My Friend Of Misery"  1991
Metallica  "Enter Sandman"  1991
Metallica  "Nothing Else Matters"  1991
Methyl Ethel  "Chelyabinsk"  2014
Methyl Ethel  "Twilight Driving"  2016
Michael Franti  "Hey World (Don't Give Up Version)"  2008
Michel Rubini  "Graham's Theme"  1986
Midnight Blue  "Enjoy with Me (from vinyl)"  1983
Midnight Oil  "Tell Me The Truth"  1994
Mieka Pauley  "All the Same Mistakes"  2007
Mike Oldfield  "Ommadawn, Part 1"  1975
Mike Oldfield  "Ommadawn, Part 2"  1975
Mike Ruekberg  "End Of The Party"  2003
Mike Ruekberg  "Years"  2003
Milla  "Mezinka"  2003
Minnie Riperton  "Lovin' You"  1973
Missing Persons  "Destination Unknown"  1982
Moby  "Go"  1991
Moby  "New Dawn Fades"  1995
Moby  "Everything Is Wrong (LP Version)"  1995
Moby  "7"  1999
Moby  "Inside"  1999
Moby  "Down Slow"  1999
Moby  "Honey"  1999
Moby  "My Weakness"  1999
Moby  "Run On"  1999
Moby  "Rushing"  1999
Moby  "Southside"  1999
Moby  "Natural Blues"  1999
Moby  "Sailin' On"  1999
Moby  "Bodyrock"  1999
Moby  "Machete"  1999
Moby  "Everloving"  1999
Moby  "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?"  1999
Moby  "Guitar Flute And String"  1999
Moby  "Porcelain"  1999
Moby  "If Things Were Perfect"  1999
Moby  "Find My Baby"  1999
Moby  "The Sky Is Broken"  1999
Moby  "Natural Blues"  2000
Moby  "Wait For Me"  2009
Moby  "Slow Light"  2009
Moby  "Hope Is Gone"  2009
Moby  "Isolate"  2009
Moby  "Pale Horses"  2009
Moby  "A Seated Night"  2009
Moby  "Ghost Return"  2009
Moby  "Jltf"  2009
Moby  "Jltf-1"  2009
Moby  "Scream Pilots"  2009
Moby  "Study War"  2009
Moby  "Mistake"  2009
Moby Grape  "8:05"  1967
Moby Grape  "Omaha"  1967
Modest Mouse  "The Stars Are Projectors" 
Modest Mouse  "Float On"  2004
Modest Mouse  "Interlude (Milo)"  2004
Modest Mouse  "The View"  2004
Modest Mouse  "The World At Large"  2004
Modest Mouse  "Black Cadillacs"  2004
Modest Mouse  "Blame It On The Tetons"  2004
Modest Mouse  "The Good Times Are Killing Me"  2004
Modest Mouse  "Bukowski"  2004
Modest Mouse  "Ocean Breathes Salty"  2004
Modest Mouse  "Dig Your Grave"  2004
Modest Mouse  "One Chance"  2004
Modest Mussorgsky  "Pictures at an Exhibition - I. Gnomus"  1990
Modest Mussorgsky  "Pictures at an Exhibition - III. Tuileries"  1990
Modest Mussorgsky  "Pictures at an Exhibition - IV. Bydlo"  1990
Modest Mussorgsky  "Pictures at an Exhibition - IX. La Cabane De Baba-Yaga Sur Des Pattes De Poule"  1990
Modest Mussorgsky  "Pictures at an Exhibition - Promenade (Allegro giusto...)"  1990
Modest Mussorgsky  "Pictures at an Exhibition - Promenade (Moderato comodo...)"  1990
Modest Mussorgsky  "Pictures at an Exhibition - Promenade (Moderato no tanto...)"  1990
Modest Mussorgsky  "Pictures at an Exhibition - Promenade (Tranquillo)"  1990
Modest Mussorgsky  "Pictures at an Exhibition - V. Ballet Des Petits Poussins Dans Leurs Coques"  1990
Modest Mussorgsky  "Pictures at an Exhibition -VI. Samuel Goldenberg And Schmuyle"  1990
Modest Mussorgsky  "A Night on the Bare Mountain"  1991
Mogwai  "A Place For Parks"  1997
Mogwai  "Ithica 27-9"  1997
Mogwai  "Angels Versus Aliens"  1997
Mogwai  "Helicon 2"  1997
Mood Six  "What Have You Ever Done?"  1986
Moondog and London Saxophonic  "Bird's Lament"  1997
Morgan Fisher  "Macarthur Park"  1980
Moroccan Musicians  "Wedding Song"  1989
Morrissey  "Everyday Is Like Sunday"  1988
Morrissey  "Suedehead"  1990
Motörhead  "Ace of Spades"  1980
Mountain  "Mississippi Queen"  1970
Mountain  "Taunta (Sammy's Tune)"  1971
Mountain  "Nantucket Sleighride (To Owen Coffin)"  1971
Moxy Früvous  "King Of Spain"  1994
Mr. Big  "Romeo (Live)"  1977
Mr. Scruff  "Get a Move On"  1999
Mungo Jerry  "In the Summertime"  1970
Murray Head  "One Night In Bangkok (Single Version)"  1984
Muse  "Supermassive Black Hole (Album Version)"  2009
My Morning Jacket  "Run Thru"  2003
My Morning Jacket  "Just One Thing"  2003
My Morning Jacket  "Steam Engine"  2003
My Morning Jacket  "I Will Sing You Songs"  2003
My Morning Jacket  "One Big Holiday"  2003
The Mamas & The Papas  "California Dreamin' (Single)"  1965
The Mamas & The Papas  "Monday, Monday"  1966
The Marvelettes  "Please Mr. Postman"  1961
The McCoys  "Hang On Sloopy"  1965
The Mighty Imperials  "Thunder Chicken"  2008
The Miracles  "Love Machine (from vinyl)"  1975
The Mission UK  "Wasteland"  1987
The Mission UK  "Tower Of Strength"  1988
The Mission UK  "Fabienne"  1988
The Mission UK  "Heaven On Earth"  1988
The Modern Lovers  "Modern World"  1976
The Monkees  "Monkee's Theme (from vinyl)"  1966
The Monkees  "I'm a Believer"  1966
The Monkees  "Last Train to Clarksville"  1966
The Monkees  "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You (from vinyl)"  1967
The Monkees  "Pleasant Valley Sunday (from vinyl)"  1967
The Monkees  "Daydream Believer (from vinyl)"  1967
The Monkees  "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone (from vinyl)"  1967
The Monkees  "She (from vinyl)"  1967
The Monkees  "Valleri"  1968
The Monochrome Set  "The Mating Game"  1982
The Monochrome Set  "The Jet Set Junta"  1983
The Monochrome Set  "Andiamo"  1985
The Moody Blues  "The Afternoon: Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?) : Time To Get Away"  1967
The Moody Blues  "The Day Begins"  1967
The Moody Blues  "Lunch Break: Peak Hour"  1967
The Moody Blues  "Evening: The Sun Set : Twilight Time"  1967
The Moody Blues  "Dawn: Dawn Is A Feeling"  1967
The Moody Blues  "The Morning: Another Morning"  1967
The Moody Blues  "The Night: Nights In White Satin"  1967
The Moody Blues  "Gypsy"  1969
The Moody Blues  "Our Guessing Game"  1971
The Moody Blues  "My Song"  1971
The Moody Blues  "After You Came"  1971
The Moody Blues  "Emily's Song"  1971
The Moody Blues  "One More Time To Live"  1971
The Moody Blues  "The Story In Your Eyes"  1971
The Moody Blues  "You Can Never Go Home"  1971
The Moody Blues & New World Philharmonic  "The Voice"  1981
The Motels  "Only The Lonely"  1982
The Motels  "Take The L"  1982
The Motels  "So L.A."  1982
The Motels  "Suddenly Last Summer"  1983
The Motels  "Shame"  1985

N. Lannon  "Hollow Heart"  2008
Naked Eyes  "Always Something There To Remind Me"  1983
Napoleon XIV  "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haaa!"  1991
Nat King Cole  "The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You)"  2005
Natalie Merchant  "Wonder"  1995
Nazareth  "Love Hurts"  1975
Neil Finn  "Try Whistling This"  1998
Neil Finn  "Last One Standing"  1998
Neil Young  "The Old Laughing Lady"  1968
Neil Young  "Southern Man"  1970
Neil Young  "After The Gold Rush"  1970
Neil Young  "Sugar Mountain"  1970
Neil Young  "Out On The Weekend"  1972
Neil Young  "There's A World"  1972
Neil Young  "A Man Needs A Maid"  1972
Neil Young  "Alabama"  1972
Neil Young  "The Needle And The Damage Done"  1972
Neil Young  "Old Man"  1972
Neil Young  "Heart Of Gold"  1972
Neil Young  "Tonight's The Night (Part 1)"  1973
Neil Young  "Like A Hurricane"  1977
Neil Young & Crazy Horse  "Down By The River"  1969
Neil Young & Crazy Horse  "Cinnamon Girl"  1969
Neil Young & Crazy Horse  "Cowgirl In The Sand"  1969
Neil Young & Crazy Horse  "Cortez The Killer"  1975
Nena  "99 Luftballons"  1983
New Order  "Age of Consent"  1983
New Order  "Leave Me Alone"  1983
New Order  "The Perfect Kiss"  1985
New Order  "Bizarre Love Triangle"  1986
New Order  "Ceremony"  1987
New Order  "Bizarre Love Triangle"  1987
New Order  "True Faith"  1987
New Order  "Regret"  1993
New Order  "Liar"  1993
New Order  "Chemical"  1993
New Order  "Young Offender"  1993
New Order  "Special"  1993
New Order  "World"  1993
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  "The Mercy Seat"  1992
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  "Red Right Hand"  1994
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  "O Children"  2004
Nick Drake  "Road" 
Nick Drake  "River Man"  1969
Nick Drake  "Way To Blue"  1969
Nick Drake  "Sunday"  1970
Nick Drake  "Hazey Jane I"  1970
Nick Drake  "Things Behind The Sun"  1972
Nick Lowe  "So It Goes (from vinyl)"  1978
Nick Lowe  "Cruel to Be Kind"  1979
Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators  "If This Ain't Love (Don't Know What Is)"  2005
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov  "Flight of the Bumble Bee"  1991
Nirvana  "Smells Like Teen Spirit"  1991
Nirvana  "Lithium"  1991
Nirvana  "Drain You"  1991
Nirvana  "Something In The Way"  1991
Nirvana  "Come As You Are"  1991
Nirvana  "Lounge Act"  1991
Nirvana  "Polly"  1991
Nirvana  "On A Plain"  1991
Nirvana  "Something In The Way"  1993
Nirvana  "Dumb"  1993
Nirvana  "Dumb"  1993
Nirvana  "Come As You Are"  1993
Nirvana  "About A Girl"  1993
Nirvana  "Pennyroyal Tea"  1993
Nirvana  "Pennyroyal Tea"  1993
Nirvana  "Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam"  1993
Nirvana  "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"  1993
Nirvana  "All Apologies"  1993
Nirvana  "All Apologies"  1993
Nirvana  "Plateau"  1993
Nirvana  "Polly"  1993
Nirvana  "The Man Who Sold The World"  1993
Nirvana  "Lake Of Fire"  1993
Nirvana  "Oh, Me"  1993
Nirvana  "On A Plain"  1993
Nirvana  "Heart Shaped Box"  1993
Noonday Underground  "London"  2001
Nord Express  "The Natural"  2009
North Mississippi Allstars  "Goin' Down South"  2000
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan  "Shamas-Ud-Doha Bader-Ud-Doja"  1989
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook  "My Heart, My Life"  1996
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook  "Lament"  1996
The Nazz  "Open My Eyes"  1968
The Neanderthals  "Martian Hop"  2005
The New American Brass Band  "Cheer Boys Cheer"  1990
The New American Brass Band  "Parade"  1990
The New American Brass Band  "Hail Columbia"  1990
The New American Brass Band  "Dixie/Bonnie Blue Flag"  1990
The Nice  "America (from vinyl)"  1969
The Nightingales  "Paraffin Brain"  1982
The Nightingales  "Let's Think About Living"  2006
The Noun  "Heaven"  2015

O-Zone  "Dragostea Din Tei (Original Romanian Version)"  2004
Ogden Edsl  "Dead Puppies"  1991
Ohio Players  "Love Rollercoaster"  1975
Oingo Boingo  "Weird Science"  1985
Oliver Nelson  "Six Million Dollar Man"  1974
Omar Faruk Tekbilek  "Shashkin"  2002
Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan  "Lachin"  2000
OMC  "How Bizarre"  1992
OMC  "Lingo With The Gringo"  1996
OMC  "Right On"  1996
OMC  "Never Coming Back"  1997
OMC  "Angel In Disguise"  1997
OMC  "Pours Out Your Eyes"  1997
OMC  "On The Run"  1997
OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark)  "Electricity"  1979
OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark)  "If You Leave"  1986
Oni Wytars Ensemble  "Kyrie eleison (Christian-Arabic Tradition, Lebanon)"  2008
Orchestra 2001  "Orfeo III"  1996
Orchestra 2001  "Aubade"  1996
Orchestra 2001  "Distant Runes And Incantations"  1996
OutKast  "Hey Ya! (Radio Mix)"  2003
Outlaws  "Green Grass & High Tides"  1975
Over The Rhine  "Little Genius"  1992
Over The Rhine  "How Does It Feel? (To Be On My Mind)"  1992
Over The Rhine  "Jacksie"  1992
Over The Rhine  "I've Been Slipping"  1992
Over The Rhine  "HDIF (reprise)"  1992
Ozark Mountain Daredevils  "Spaceship Orion"  1973
Ozark Mountain Daredevils  "Jackie Blue"  1974
The O'Jays  "For the Love of Money"  1972
The O'Jays  "I Love Music"  1975
The Old Bethpage Brass Band  "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"  1990
The Old Bethpage Brass Band  "Yankee Doodle"  1990

Pacific Gas & Electric  "Are You Ready?"  1970
Parliament  "Flash Light"  1977
Passion Pit  "Sleepyhead"  2008
Pat Benatar  "Love Is A Battlefield"  1983
Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays  "It's For You"  1981
Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays  "September Fifteenth"  1981
Pat Metheny Group  "Forward March"  1984
Pat Metheny Group  "Tell It All"  1984
Pat Metheny Group  "The First Circle"  1984
Pat Metheny Group  "Praise"  1984
Pat Metheny Group  "Mas Alla (Beyond)"  1984
Pat Metheny Group  "If I Could"  1984
Pat Metheny Group  "Yolanda, You Learn"  1984
Patti Smith  "Chicklets"  1976
Patti Smith  "Poppies"  1976
Patti Smith  "Going Under"  1988
Patti Smith  "My Madrigal"  1996
Paul Hardcastle  "19"  1985
Paul McCartney and Wings  "Another Day (from vinyl)"  1971
Paul McCartney and Wings  "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (from vinyl)"  1971
Paul McCartney and Wings  "Band on the Run (from vinyl)"  1973
Paul McCartney and Wings  "Jet (from vinyl)"  1973
Paul McCartney and Wings  "Junior's Farm (from vinyl)"  1974
Paul McCartney and Wings  "Silly Love Songs (from vinyl)"  1976
Paul Westerberg  "Hide N Seekin'"  1996
Pavement  "Zurich Is Stained"  1992
Pavement  "Stereo"  1997
Pavement  "Shady Lane/J Vs. S"  1997
Peaches  "I Feel Cream"  2010
Pearl Jam  "Release"  1991
Pearl Jam  "Jeremy"  1991
Pearl Jam  "Indifference"  1993
Pearl Jam  "Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town"  1993
Pearl Jam  "Better Man"  1994
Pearl Jam  "Nothingman"  1994
Pearl Jam  "Immortality"  1994
Pearl Jam  "Aye Davanita"  1994
Pentangle  "Light Flight"  1969
Pentangle  "Hunting Song"  1969
Pentangle  "The Cuckoo"  1969
Pentangle  "Train Song"  1969
Pentangle  "Once I Had A Sweetheart"  1969
Pet Shop Boys  "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) (Album Version)"  1986
Pet Shop Boys  "West End Girls (Album Version)"  1986
Pet Shop Boys  "Tonight Is Forever"  1986
Pet Shop Boys  "I Want A Lover"  1986
Pet Shop Boys  "Two Divided By Zero"  1986
Pet Shop Boys  "Later Tonight"  1986
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth  "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)"  1992
Pete Townshend  "Let My Love Open the Door" 
Peter Bjorn and John  "Amsterdam"  2006
Peter Bjorn and John  "Young Folks"  2007
Peter Gabriel  "Mother Of Violence"  1978
Peter Gabriel  "D.I.Y."  1978
Peter Gabriel  "Games Without Frontiers"  1980
Peter Gabriel  "Biko"  1980
Peter Gabriel  "I Don't Remember"  1980
Peter Gabriel  "And Through The Wire"  1980
Peter Gabriel  "Not One Of Us"  1980
Peter Gabriel  "Family Snapshot"  1980
Peter Gabriel  "Lead A Normal Life"  1980
Peter Gabriel  "San Jacinto"  1982
Peter Gabriel  "The Rhythm Of The Heat"  1982
Peter Gabriel  "Lay Your Hands On Me"  1982
Peter Gabriel  "Shock The Monkey"  1982
Peter Gabriel  "Red Rain"  1986
Peter Gabriel  "That Voice Again"  1986
Peter Gabriel  "Big Time"  1986
Peter Gabriel  "In Your Eyes"  1986
Peter Hammill  "Oasis"  1992
Peter Murphy  "A Strange Kind Of Love (Version One)"  1989
Peter Murphy  "Cuts You Up"  1989
Peter Murphy  "Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem"  1989
Peter Schilling  "Major Tom (Coming Home)"  1982
Peter Schilling  "The Different Story (World Of Lust And Crime)"  1989
Peter, Paul and Mary  "Puff the Magic Dragon" 
Phil Ochs  "I Ain't Marchin' Anymore (Electric)"  1966
Phil Ochs  "Outside of a Small Circle of Friends"  1967
Phish  "Contact"  1988
Phish  "Fee"  1988
Phoebe Snow  "Poetry Man (from vinyl)"  1973
Pink Floyd  "Chapter 24"  1967
Pink Floyd  "Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk"  1967
Pink Floyd  "Interstellar Overdrive"  1967
Pink Floyd  "Paintbox"  1967
Pink Floyd  "Bike"  1967
Pink Floyd  "Lucifer Sam"  1967
Pink Floyd  "The Gnome"  1967
Pink Floyd  "Scarecrow"  1967
Pink Floyd  "See Emily Play"  1967
Pink Floyd  "Pow R. Toc H."  1967
Pink Floyd  "Matilda Mother"  1967
Pink Floyd  "Arnold Layne"  1967
Pink Floyd  "Astronomy Domine"  1967
Pink Floyd  "Flaming"  1967
Pink Floyd  "Let There Be More Light"  1968
Pink Floyd  "Remember A Day"  1968
Pink Floyd  "A Saucerful Of Secrets"  1968
Pink Floyd  "Corporal Clegg"  1968
Pink Floyd  "Jugband Blues"  1968
Pink Floyd  "Julia Dream"  1968
Pink Floyd  "See-Saw"  1968
Pink Floyd  "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun"  1968
Pink Floyd  "Careful, With That Axe, Eugene"  1968
Pink Floyd  "More Blues"  1969
Pink Floyd  "Dramatic Theme"  1969
Pink Floyd  "Cirrus Minor"  1969
Pink Floyd  "Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up"  1969
Pink Floyd  "Country Song"  1969
Pink Floyd  "Embryo"  1969
Pink Floyd  "Crumbling Land"  1969
Pink Floyd  "Crying Song"  1969
Pink Floyd  "Cymbaline"  1969
Pink Floyd  "Green Is The Colour"  1969
Pink Floyd  "Main Theme"  1969
Pink Floyd  "Heart Beat, Pig Meat"  1969
Pink Floyd  "Unknown Song"  1969
Pink Floyd  "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast"  1970
Pink Floyd  "Summer '68"  1970
Pink Floyd  "If"  1970
Pink Floyd  "Fat Old Sun"  1970
Pink Floyd  "Atom Heart Mother Suite"  1970
Pink Floyd  "A Pillow Of Winds"  1971
Pink Floyd  "Echoes"  1971
Pink Floyd  "San Tropez"  1971
Pink Floyd  "Seamus"  1971
Pink Floyd  "Fearless"  1971
Pink Floyd  "One Of These Days"  1971
Pink Floyd  "Childhood's End"  1972
Pink Floyd  "Free Four"  1972
Pink Floyd  "Mudmen"  1972
Pink Floyd  "Absolutely Curtains"  1972
Pink Floyd  "When You're In"  1972
Pink Floyd  "The Gold It's In The..."  1972
Pink Floyd  "Stay"  1972
Pink Floyd  "Burning Bridges"  1972
Pink Floyd  "Obscured By Clouds"  1972
Pink Floyd  "Wots... Uh The Deal"  1972
Pink Floyd  "Money"  1973
Pink Floyd  "Time"  1973
Pink Floyd  "Eclipse"  1973
Pink Floyd  "Speak To Me/Breathe"  1973
Pink Floyd  "The Great Gig In The Sky"  1973
Pink Floyd  "Brain Damage"  1973
Pink Floyd  "Any Colour You Like"  1973
Pink Floyd  "On The Run"  1973
Pink Floyd  "Us And Them"  1973
Pink Floyd  "Welcome to the Machine"  1975
Pink Floyd  "Wish You Were Here"  1975
Pink Floyd  "Have A Cigar"  1975
Pink Floyd  "Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)"  1975
Pink Floyd  "Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)"  1975
Pink Floyd  "Dogs"  1977
Pink Floyd  "Pigs (Three Different Ones)"  1977
Pink Floyd  "Pigs On The Wing (Part One)"  1977
Pink Floyd  "Pigs On The Wing (Part Two)"  1977
Pink Floyd  "Sheep"  1977
Pink Floyd  "The Thin Ice"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Vera"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Hey You"  1979
Pink Floyd  "The Trial"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Don't Leave Me Now"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Young Lust"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Mother"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Waiting For The Worms"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Is There Anybody Out There?"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Outside The Wall"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Run Like Hell"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Comfortably Numb"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Empty Spaces"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Goodbye Blue Sky"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Goodbye Cruel World"  1979
Pink Floyd  "The Happiest Days Of Our Lives"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Stop"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Nobody Home"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Bring The Boys Back Home"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)"  1979
Pink Floyd  "Another Brick In The Wall (Part 3)"  1979
Pink Floyd  "The Show Must Go On"  1979
Pink Floyd  "One Of My Turns"  1979
Pink Floyd  "In The Flesh"  1979
Pink Floyd  "In The Flesh?"  1979
Pink Floyd  "The Hero's Return"  1983
Pink Floyd  "Not Now John"  1983
Pink Floyd  "One Of The Few"  1983
Pixies  "Bone Machine"  1988
PJ Harvey  "Down by the Water"  1995
PJ Harvey  "Catherine"  1998
PJ Harvey  "Beautiful Feeling"  2000
PJ Harvey  "We Float"  2000
PJ Harvey  "One Line"  2000
PJ Harvey  "Before Departure"  2007
PJ Harvey  "The Devil"  2007
PJ Harvey  "To Talk To You"  2007
PJ Harvey  "When Under Ether"  2007
PJ Harvey  "White Chalk"  2007
PJ Harvey  "Grow Grow Grow"  2007
PJ Harvey  "Broken Harp"  2007
PJ Harvey  "The Mountain"  2007
PJ Harvey  "Dear Darkness"  2007
PJ Harvey  "The Piano"  2007
PJ Harvey  "Silence"  2007
Plush  "Instrumental"  1998
Plush  "Virginia"  1998
Plush  "(See It In The) Early Morning"  1998
Plush  "Soaring And Boring"  1998
Plush  "Save The People"  1998
Plush  "The Party I"  1998
Plush  "The Sailor"  1998
Porno For Pyros  "Pets"  1993
Porno For Pyros  "Tahitian Moon"  1996
Porno For Pyros  "Bali Eyes"  1996
Porno For Pyros  "Thick Of It All"  1996
Porno For Pyros  "Kimberly Austin"  1996
Porno For Pyros  "Wishing Well"  1996
Portishead  "We Carry On"  2008
Prefab Sprout  "When Love Breaks Down"  1986
Primus  "Mr. Krinkle"  1993
Prince  "1999"  1982
Prince  "Little Red Corvette"  1982
Prince  "I Would Die 4 U"  1984
Prince  "Raspberry Beret"  1985
Prince And The Revolution  "Let's Go Crazy"  1984
Prince And The Revolution  "Take Me With U"  1984
Prince And The Revolution  "When Doves Cry"  1984
Probono  "Deal With it"  2001
Procol Harum  "A Salty Dog"  1969
Procol Harum  "The Devil Came From Kansas"  1969
Procol Harum  "Juicy John Pink"  1969
Procol Harum  "Pilgrims Progress"  1969
Procol Harum  "Too Much Between Us"  1969
Procol Harum  "Boredom"  1969
Procol Harum  "All This And More"  1969
Procol Harum  "The Milk Of Human Kindness"  1969
Procol Harum  "Wreck Of The Hesperus"  1969
Procol Harum  "Conquistador"  1971
Procol Harum  "Simple Sister"  1974
Procol Harum  "Luskus Delph"  1974
Procol Harum  "Broken Barricades"  1974
Psyche  "Goodbye Horses"  1996
Pulp  "Wickerman"  2001
Pure Prairie League  "Amie"  1972
Pure Prairie League  "Angel"  1972
Pure Prairie League  "Falling In And Out Of Love"  1972
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart  "A Teenager In Love"  2009
The Patti Smith Group  "Because The Night"  1978
The Patti Smith Group  "Ghost Dance"  1978
The Patti Smith Group  "Easter"  1978
The Patti Smith Group  "Privilege (Set Me Free)"  1978
The Patti Smith Group  "Frederick"  1979
The Patti Smith Group  "Dancing Barefoot"  1979
The Playmates  "Beep Beep"  1958
The Pointer Sisters  "Automatic"  1983
The Police  "So Lonely"  1978
The Police  "Roxanne"  1978
The Police  "Can't Stand Losing You"  1978
The Police  "Walking On The Moon"  1979
The Police  "The Bed's Too Big Without You"  1979
The Police  "Bring On The Night"  1979
The Police  "Message In A Bottle"  1979
The Police  "Voices Inside My Head"  1980
The Police  "Don't Stand So Close To Me"  1980
The Police  "Driven To Tears"  1980
The Police  "When The World Is Running Down"  1980
The Police  "Bombs Away"  1980
The Police  "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da"  1980
The Police  "Invisible Sun"  1981
The Police  "Spirits In The Material World"  1981
The Police  "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic"  1981
The Police  "Secret Journey"  1981
The Police  "Darkness"  1981
The Police  "Omegaman"  1981
The Police  "Synchronicity I"  1983
The Police  "Synchronicity II"  1983
The Police  "Tea In The Sahara"  1983
The Police  "Walking In Your Footsteps"  1983
The Police  "Murder By Numbers"  1983
The Police  "King of Pain"  1983
The Police  "Wrapped Around Your Finger"  1983
The Polyphonic Spree  "Section 9 (Light & Day/Reach for the Sun)"  2000
The Power Station  "Some Like it Hot"  1985
The Pretenders  "Mystery Achievement"  1980
The Pretenders  "Kid"  1980
The Pretenders  "Private Life"  1980
The Pretenders  "I Go To Sleep"  1981
The Pretenders  "Message Of Love"  1981
The Pretenders  "Back On The Chain Gang"  1984
The Pretenders  "2000 Miles"  1984
The Pretenders  "Thin Line Between Love & Hate"  1984
The Pretenders  "Middle Of The Road"  1984
The Pretenders  "Show Me"  1984
The Prime Movers  "Strong As I Am"  1986
The Psychedelic Furs  "Love My Way"  1982
The Psychedelic Furs  "Pretty In Pink"  1986
The Psychedelic Furs  "Heartbreak Beat"  1987

Quantic  "Time Is My Enemy"  2012
Queen  "Keep Yourself Alive"  1973
Queen  "Killer Queen"  1974
Queen  "Bohemian Rhapsody"  1975
Queen  "Bicycle Race"  1978
Queen  "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"  1979
Queen  "Flash's Theme"  1980
Queen  "Another One Bites the Dust"  1980
Queen  "Radio Ga Ga"  1984
Queen and David Bowie  "Under Pressure (from vinyl)"  1981
Quiet Riot  "Come on Feel the Noise"  1983

R. Carlos Nakai  "Dawn's Mirage: Echoes Of Time"  1989
R.E.M.  "Talk About The Passion"  1983
R.E.M.  "Gardening At Night (Different Vocal Mix)"  1983
R.E.M.  "Radio Free Europe (Original Hib-Tone Single)"  1983
R.E.M.  "So. Central Rain"  1984
R.E.M.  "Driver 8"  1985
R.E.M.  "Can't Get There From Here"  1985
R.E.M.  "Fall On Me"  1986
R.E.M.  "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)"  1987
R.E.M.  "The One I Love"  1987
R.E.M.  "Orange Crush"  1988
R.E.M.  "Romance"  1988
R.E.M.  "Losing My Religion"  1991
R.E.M.  "Low"  1991
R.E.M.  "Half A World Away"  1991
R.E.M.  "Monty Got A Raw Deal"  1992
R.E.M.  "Drive"  1992
R.E.M.  "New Orleans Instrumental No. 1"  1992
R.E.M.  "Star Me Kitten"  1992
R.E.M.  "Nightswimming"  1992
R.E.M.  "Everybody Hurts"  1992
R.E.M.  "Man On The Moon"  1992
R.E.M.  "Try Not To Breathe"  1992
R.E.M.  "Ignoreland"  1992
R.E.M.  "Find The River"  1992
R.E.M.  "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite"  1992
R.E.M.  "Sweetness Follows"  1992
R.E.M.  "Be Mine"  1996
R.E.M.  "How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us"  1996
R.E.M.  "Bittersweet Me"  1996
R.E.M.  "Electrolite"  1996
R.E.M. Feat. Kate Pearson  "Shiny Happy People"  1991
Radiohead  "Kid A" 
Radiohead  "Blow Out"  1993
Radiohead  "Street Spirit (Fade Out)"  1995
Radiohead  "Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was"  1995
Radiohead  "The Tourist"  1997
Radiohead  "No Surprises"  1997
Radiohead  "Exit Music (For A Film)"  1997
Radiohead  "Let Down"  1997
Radiohead  "Fake Plastic Trees"  1999
Radiohead  "Optimistic"  2000
Radiohead  "Kid A"  2000
Radiohead  "Everything In Its Right Place"  2000
Radiohead  "In Limbo"  2000
Radiohead  "There There"  2003
Radiohead  "Sail To The Moon"  2003
Radiohead  "The Gloaming"  2003
Radiohead  "Scatterbrain"  2003
Rainbow  "Since You Been Gone"  1979
Ransom Wilson  "Black Anemones"  1991
Rare Earth  "Get Ready"  1970
Ratt  "Round and Round"  1984
Ray Anthony  "The Hokey Pokey"  1991
Ray Charles  "America the Beautiful"  2005
Ray Conniff  "Alley Cat"  1967
Raymond Scott  "Unnamed Bonus Track" 
Raymond Scott  "The Toy Trumpet"  1937
Raymond Scott  "War Dance for Wooden Indians"  1937
Raymond Scott  "Powerhouse"  1937
Raymond Scott  "Twilight in Turkey"  1937
Raymond Scott  "The Penguin"  1937
Raymond Scott  "Minuet in Jazz"  1937
Raymond Scott  "Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals"  1937
Raymond Scott  "Reckless Night on Board an Ocean Liner"  1937
Raymond Scott  "Moment Musical"  1939
Raymond Scott  "Huckleberry Duck"  1939
Raymond Scott  "Peter Tambourine"  1939
Raymond Scott  "Tobacco Auctioneer"  1939
Raymond Scott  "New Years Eve in a Haunted House"  1939
Raymond Scott  "The Girl at the Typewriter"  1939
Raymond Scott  "Boy Scout in Switzerland"  1939
Raymond Scott  "Manhattan Minuet"  1939
Raymond Scott  "Bumpy Weather over Newark"  1939
Raymond Scott  "Oil Gusher"  1939
Raymond Scott  "The Quintet Plays Carmen"  1939
Raymond Scott  "In an 18th Century Drawing Room"  1939
Raymond Scott  "Siberian Sleighride"  1939
Raymond Scott  "At an Arabian House Party"  1940
RazorBladeKisses  "A Death In The Dollhouse"  2003
RazorBladeKisses  "Ballerina"  2004
RazorBladeKisses  "Lure of the Temptress/Pairikas"  2004
RazorBladeKisses  "Deadly Yours"  2004
Re-Flex  "The Politics of Dancing"  1983
Real Life  "Send Me an Angel '89 (Edit)"  1989
Red Box  "Chenko"  1983
Red Hot Chili Peppers  "Higher Ground"  1989
Red Hot Chili Peppers  "Give It Away"  1991
Red Hot Chili Peppers  "I Could Have Lied"  1991
Red Hot Chili Peppers  "Breaking The Girl"  1991
Red Hot Chili Peppers  "Under The Bridge"  1991
Red Hot Chili Peppers  "Otherside"  1999
Red Hot Chili Peppers  "Scar Tissue"  1999
Red Hot Chili Peppers  "Californication"  1999
Red House Painters  "Waterkill [Demo]"  1990
Red House Painters  "Uncle Joe [Demo]"  1990
Red House Painters  "Dragonflies [Outtake]"  1992
Red House Painters  "Medicine Bottle"  1992
Red House Painters  "Japanese To English [Live]"  1993
Red House Painters  "New Jersey"  1993
Red House Painters  "Grace Cathedral Park"  1993
Red House Painters  "Katy Song"  1993
Red House Painters  "Brockwell Park [Demo]"  1993
Red House Painters  "Mistress"  1993
Red House Painters  "San Geronimo"  1995
Red House Painters  "Summer Dress"  1995
Redbone  "Come And Get Your Love"  1974
Renaissance  "Ashes Are Burning"  1973
Renaissance  "Can You Understand"  1973
Renaissance  "At the Harbour"  1973
Renaissance  "Carpet of the Sun"  1973
Renaissance  "Mother Russia"  1974
Renaissance  "Running Hard"  1974
Renaissance  "Black Flame"  1974
Renaissance  "I Think of You"  1974
Renaissance  "Ocean Gypsy"  1975
Rhemona Quimby  "So Nice "  2002
Richard Strauss  "Strauss (R): Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 - 01. Einleitung"  1984
Rick Derringer  "Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie Koo"  1973
Rick James  "Super Freak (12 inch Version)"  1981
Riggs  "Heartbeat"  1981
Right Said Fred  "I'm Too Sexy"  1991
Ringside  "Tired of Being Sorry"  2005
Ritchie Valens  "Malaguena"  1959
RJD2  "Her Majesty's Socialist Request"  2013
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock  "It Takes Two"  1988
Robert Hazard  "Change Reaction (from vinyl)"  1982
Robert Hazard  "Escalator of Life (from vinyl)"  1982
Robert Palmer  "Every Kinda People"  1978
Robert Palmer  "Johnny and Mary"  1980
Robert Palmer  "Early in the Morning (from vinyl)"  1988
Roberta Flack  "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"  1972
Roberto Cacciapaglia  "My Time"  1979
Robin Trower  "About To Begin"  1974
Robin Trower  "Bridge Of Sighs"  1974
Robin Trower  "In This Place"  1974
Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast  "The Time Warp"  1975
Roger Eno & Kate St. John  "Our Man In Havana"  1992
Roger Waters & Ron Geesin  "Chain Of Life"  1970
Roger Waters & Ron Geesin  "Our Song"  1970
Roger Waters & Ron Geesin  "Bed-Time-Dream-Clime"  1970
Roger Waters & Ron Geesin  "Give Birth To A Smile"  1970
Roger Waters & Ron Geesin  "Sea Shell And Soft Stone"  1970
Roger Waters & Ron Geesin  "Sea Shell And Stone"  1970
Roger Waters & Ron Geesin  "Breathe"  1970
Romantics  "What I Like About You"  1980
Romantics  "Talking in Your Sleep"  1983
Romeo Void  "A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)" 
Rose & The Arrangement  "The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati"  1991
Rose Royce  "Car Wash" 
Roxy Music  "Love Is The Drug"  1975
Roxy Music  "More Than This"  1982
Roy Buchanan  "Down by the River (Live)"  1992
Run-DMC  "You're Blind"  1984
Run-DMC  "Wake Up"  1984
Run-DMC  "Rock Box"  1984
Run-DMC  "It's Like That"  1984
Run-DMC  "Sucker M.C.'s (Krush-Groove 1)"  1984
Run-DMC  "Hard Times"  1984
Run-DMC  "30 Days"  1985
Run-DMC  "King Of Rock"  1985
Run-DMC  "My Adidas"  1986
Run-DMC  "It's Tricky"  1986
Run-DMC  "Peter Piper"  1986
Run-DMC  "You Be Illin'"  1986
Run-DMC & Orange Crush  "You Talk Too Much"  1985
Run-DMC & Orange Crush  "It's Not Funny"  1985
Run-DMC & Orange Crush  "Can You Rock It Like This"  1985
Rush  "Red Barchetta"  1981
Rush  "Limelight"  1981
Rush  "Tom Sawyer"  1981
Rush  "Subdivisions"  1982
Ry Cooder & Ali Farka Toure  "Diaraby"  1994
The Rascals  "Good Lovin'"  1966
The Rascals  "People Got To Be Free"  1968
The Raspberries  "Go All the Way"  1972
The Real Roxanne  "Howie's Teed Off"  1986
The Reds  "Leed's House"  1986
The Rolling Stones  "(Walkin' Thru The) Sleepy City"  1964
The Rolling Stones  "Don't Lie To Me"  1964
The Rolling Stones  "Each And Every Day Of The Year"  1964
The Rolling Stones  "Not Fade Away"  1964
The Rolling Stones  "Try A Little Harder"  1964
The Rolling Stones  "Heart Of Stone"  1964
The Rolling Stones  "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"  1965
The Rolling Stones  "Get Off My Cloud"  1965
The Rolling Stones  "The Last Time"  1965
The Rolling Stones  "I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys"  1965
The Rolling Stones  "Mother's Little Helper"  1966
The Rolling Stones  "Out Of Time"  1966
The Rolling Stones  "Paint It Black"  1966
The Rolling Stones  "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby"  1966
The Rolling Stones  "If You Let Me"  1966
The Rolling Stones  "Under My Thumb"  1966
The Rolling Stones  "Sing This All Together"  1967
The Rolling Stones  "Let's Spend The Night Together"  1967
The Rolling Stones  "2000 Light Years From Home"  1967
The Rolling Stones  "2000 Man"  1967
The Rolling Stones  "Citadel"  1967
The Rolling Stones  "Ruby Tuesday"  1967
The Rolling Stones  "She's A Rainbow"  1967
The Rolling Stones  "Downtown Suzie"  1968
The Rolling Stones  "Jumpin' Jack Flash"  1968
The Rolling Stones  "Street Fighting Man"  1968
The Rolling Stones  "Family"  1968
The Rolling Stones  "Memo From Turner"  1968
The Rolling Stones  "Sympathy For The Devil"  1968
The Rolling Stones  "You Can't Always Get What You Want"  1969
The Rolling Stones  "Monkey Man"  1969
The Rolling Stones  "Gimme Shelter"  1969
The Rolling Stones  "I Don't Know Why"  1969
The Rolling Stones  "Midnight Rambler"  1969
The Rolling Stones  "I'm Going Down"  1970
The Rolling Stones  "Wild Horses"  1971
The Rolling Stones  "Time Is On My Side"  1972
The Rolling Stones  "Satisfaction"  1972
The Rolling Stones  "Play With Fire"  1972
The Rolling Stones  "Tumbling Dice"  1972
The Rolling Stones  "Happy"  1972
The Rolling Stones  "As Tears Go By"  1972
The Rolling Stones  "Heart Of Stone"  1972
The Rolling Stones  "Angie"  1973
The Rolling Stones  "It's Only Rock N' Roll"  1974
The Rolling Stones  "Fool To Cry"  1976
The Rolling Stones  "Beast Of Burden"  1978
The Rolling Stones  "Shattered"  1978
The Rolling Stones  "Miss You"  1978
The Rolling Stones  "Emotional Rescue"  1980
The Rolling Stones  "She's So Cold"  1980
The Rolling Stones  "Time Waits for No One"  1981
The Rolling Stones  "Start Me Up"  1981
The Rolling Stones  "Undercover Of The Night"  1983
The Rolling Stones  "One Hit (To The Body)"  1986

Sade  "The Sweetest Taboo"  1985
Salt-N-Pepa  "Push It"  1987
Sam & Dave  "Hold On! I'm Comin'"  1966
Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs  "Lil' Red Riding Hood"  1966
Sammy Hagar  "Heavy Metal"  1981
Samuel Barber  "Adagio for Strings" 
Santana  "Black Magic Woman"  1969
Santana  "Oye Como Va"  1970
Santana  "Taboo"  1971
Santana  "Jungle Strut"  1971
Santana  "Toussaint L'Overture"  1971
Santana  "No One To Depend On"  1971
Santana  "Guajira"  1971
Santana  "Everything's Coming Our Way"  1971
Santigold  "Disparate Youth"  2012
Santigold  "Rendezvous Girl"  2016
Sarah McLachlan  "Wear Your Love Like Heaven"  1991
Sarah McLachlan  "Hold On"  1993
Sarah McLachlan  "Possession"  1993
Sarah McLachlan  "Ice Cream"  1993
Sarah McLachlan  "Wait"  1994
Sarah McLachlan  "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy"  1994
Sarah McLachlan  "Elsewhere"  1994
Sarah McLachlan  "Good Enough"  1994
Sarah McLachlan  "Plenty"  1994
Sarah McLachlan  "Ice"  1994
Sarah McLachlan  "Fear"  1994
Sarah McLachlan  "Sweet Surrender"  1997
Sarandon  "Joe's Record"  2009
Scandal  "Goodbye to You"  1982
Scorpions  "Hey You"  1980
Scorpions  "No One Like You"  1982
Scorpions  "Rock You Like A Hurricane"  1984
Screamin' Jay Hawkins  "I Put a Spell on You"  1956
Screamin' Jay Hawkins  "Frenzy"  1957
Sea Creature (Cameron Ember)  "Dear Mom"  2001
Seal  "Crazy"  1991
Seal  "Kiss from a Rose"  1994
Seals and Crofts  "We May Never Pass This Way (Again)"  1977
Seals and Crofts  "Summer Breeze"  1981
Semisonic  "Closing Time"  1998
Sergei Prokofiev  "Romeo and Juliet, Op.64: I.Montagues And Capulets"  1973
Sergei Prokofiev  "The Love For Three Oranges Symphonic Suite, Op.33: III. Marche"  1980
Shallow  "Missile Command"  1997
Shannon McArdle  "Poison My Cup"  2009
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings  "100 Days, 100 Nights"  2008
Sharon Van Etten  "Peace Signs"  2010
Sheb Wooley  "The Purple People Eater"  1991
Sheila E  "The Glamorous Life (Club Edit)"  1984
Sheila E with Prince  "A Love Bizarre (from vinyl)"  1985
Shel Silverstein  "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out"  1991
Shocking Blue  "Venus"  1969
Shonen Knife  "Top Of The World"  1994
Shriekback  "Only Thing That Shines"  1985
Shriekback  "This Big Hush"  1985
Shriekback  "Coelocanth"  1985
Shriekback  "Faded Flowers"  1985
Shriekback  "Evaporation"  1986
Shriekback  "The Shining Path"  1986
Shuggie Otis  "Island Letter"  1974
Sifl n Olly  "65 and Over"  1999
Sifl n Olly  "Dr Booty"  1999
Sifl n Olly  "Cindy"  1999
Sifl n Olly  "Llama School"  1999
Sifl n Olly  "Whatever"  1999
Sifl n Olly  "Crescent Fresh"  1999
Sifl n Olly  "Tooth Decay"  1999
Sifl n Olly  "State Capitals"  1999
Sifl n Olly  "Laser Eyes"  1999
Sifl n Olly  "Heart Attack"  1999
Sifl n Olly  "Sunny Side Up"  1999
Sifl n Olly  "Carrot"  1999
Sigur Rós  "Svefn-g-englar"  1998
Sigur Rós  "Flugufrelsarinn"  1999
Sigur Rós  "Vi╠írar Vel Til Loft╠┴r╠┴sa"  1999
Sigur Rós  "(Intro)"  1999
Sigur Rós  "Ágætis byrjun"  1999
Sigur Rós  "N╠_ batterÁ"  1999
Sigur Rós  "Star╠┴lfur"  1999
Sigur Rós  "Olsen Olsen"  1999
Simon and Garfunkel  "Homeward Bound" 
Simon and Garfunkel  "Mrs. Robinson" 
Simon and Garfunkel  "I Am A Rock" 
Simon and Garfunkel  "Me And Julio Down By the Schoolyard" 
Simon and Garfunkel  "The Sound of Silence" 
Simon and Garfunkel  "Cecilia" 
Simon and Garfunkel  "Scarborough Fair"  1966
Simple Minds  "Don't You (Forget About Me)"  1985
Sinéad O'Connor  "Just Like U Said It Would B"  1987
Sinéad O'Connor  "Troy"  1987
Sinéad O'Connor  "Irish Ways"  1990
Siouxsie & the Banshees  "Christine"  1980
Siouxsie & The Banshees  "Spellbound"  1981
Siouxsie & the Banshees  "Spellbound"  1981
Siouxsie & the Banshees  "Arabian Knights"  1981
Siouxsie & the Banshees  "Cities in Dust (Single)"  1986
Siouxsie & the Banshees  "Lullaby"  1986
Siouxsie & the Banshees  "This Wheel's On Fire"  1987
SiSe  "The Rain (Funky Lowlives Remix)"  2005
Sixpence None The Richer  "There She Goes"  1997
Slade  "Come On Feel the Noize"  1973
Slade  "Run Run Away"  1984
Sleater-Kinney  "All Hands On The Bad One"  2000
Slowdive  "Souvlaki Space Station"  1993
Sly & The Family Stone  "Hot Fun In The Summertime"  1969
Smashing Pumpkins  "Today"  1993
Smashing Pumpkins  "Luna"  1993
Smashing Pumpkins  "Disarm"  1993
Smashing Pumpkins  "1979"  1995
Smashing Pumpkins  "Thirty-Three"  1995
Smashing Pumpkins  "Galapogos"  1995
Smashing Pumpkins  "To Forgive"  1995
Smashing Pumpkins  "Tonight, Tonight"  1995
Smashing Pumpkins  "Cupid De Locke"  1995
Smashing Pumpkins  "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"  1995
Smog  "Cold Blooded Old Times"  1999
Smog  "Bloodflow"  2000
Smokey Johnson  "It Ain't My Fault, Pts. 1 & 2"  2004
Sniff 'n' the Tears  "Driver Seat (from vinyl)"  1978
Soap Kills  "Dub4me"  2004
Soft Cell  "Tainted Love"  1981
Soh Daiko  "Hachidan Uchi Daiko"  1992
Solas  "The White Petticoat/Stan Chapman's/The Miller's Maggot"  1996
Solas  "Sliabh Geal Gcua Na Feile"  1996
Solas  "Dougie MacDonald's/Maire Breathnach's #2/The Antrim Rose/Atlantic Wave/Toss The Feathers"  1996
Solas  "Gan Ainm/The Humours Of Whiskey/Leslie's March"  1996
Solas  "Johnny's Gone For A Soldier"  1996
Solas  "The Flowing Bowl/Maire Breathnach's #1/The Doon/The Mason's Men"  1996
Solas  "Crested Hens"  1996
Solas  "Nil Na La"  1996
Solid Space  "A Darkness in My Soul"  1982
Solid Space  "Tenth Planet"  1982
Solid Space  "Earthshock"  1982
Solid Space  "Contemplation"  1982
Solid Space  "Spectrum is Green"  1982
Solid Space  "Afghan Drums"  1982
Solid Space  "New Statue (Morning Song)"  1982
Solid Space  "The Guests"  1982
Solid Space  "Please Don't Fade Away"  1982
Solid Space  "Destination Moon"  1982
Solid Space  "Radio France"  1982
Soliman Gamil  "The New Nubia"  1987
Sonic Youth  "'Cross the Breeze"  1988
Sonic Youth  "Teen Age Riot"  1988
Sonic Youth  "Candle"  1988
Sonic Youth  "The Sprawl"  1988
Sonic Youth  "Kool Thing"  1990
Sonic Youth  "Dirty Boots"  1990
Sonic Youth  "Theresa's Sound-World"  1992
Sonic Youth  "Wish Fulfillment"  1992
Sonic Youth  "On The Strip"  1992
Sonic Youth  "JC"  1994
Sonic Youth  "Superstar"  1994
Soul Survivors  "Expressway (To Your Heart) (from vinyl)"  1967
Soulsavers  "No Expectations"  2007
Soundgarden  "Black Hole Sun"  1994
Southern Culture On The Skids  "Voodoo Cadillac"  1996
Southern Culture On The Skids  "Skullbucket"  1996
Southern Culture On The Skids  "8 Piece Box"  1996
Southern Culture On The Skids  "Fried Chicken And Gasoline"  1996
Southern Culture On The Skids  "Galley Slave"  1996
Southern Culture On The Skids  "Nitty Gritty"  1996
Southern Culture On The Skids  "White Trash"  1996
Southern Culture On The Skids  "Whole Lotta Things"  1996
Southern Culture On The Skids  "Make Mayan A Hawaiian"  1996
Southern Culture On The Skids  "Camel Walk"  1996
Southern Culture On The Skids  "Dirt Track Date"  1996
Southern Culture On The Skids  "Firefly"  1996
Spanky and Our Gang  "Sunday Will Never Be the Same (from vinyl)"  1967
Spanky and Our Gang  "Lazy Day (from vinyl)"  1967
Spike Jones  "Chloe"  1946
Spike Jones  "My Old Flame"  1946
Spike Jones  "Dance Of The Hours"  1946
Spike Jones  "None But The Lonely Heart"  1946
Spike Jones  "William Tell Overture"  1946
Spike Jones  "The Man On The Flying Trapeze"  1946
Spike Jones  "Hawaiian War Chant"  1946
Spirit  "Fresh-Garbage"  1968
Spirit  "I Got A Line On You"  1968
Spirit  "Uncle Jack"  1968
Spirit  "Dark Eyed Woman"  1969
Spirit  "Nature's Way"  1970
Split Enz  "I Got You"  1979
Squeeze  "Cool for Cats"  1979
Squeeze  "Another Nail for My Heart"  1980
Squeeze  "Pulling Mussels (from the Shell)"  1980
Squeeze  "Is that Love?"  1981
Squeeze  "Tempted"  1981
Squeeze  "Black Coffee in Bed"  1982
Stanton-Miranda  "Love Will Tear Us Apart"  1995
Starbuck  "Moonlight Feels Right"  1976
Status Quo  "Pictures Of Matchstick Men"  1967
Steam  "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"  1969
Steeleye Span  "Alison Gross"  1973
Steeleye Span  "Seven Hundred Elves"  1974
Steely Dan  "Reelin' In The Years"  1972
Steely Dan  "Change Of The Guard"  1972
Steely Dan  "Kings"  1972
Steely Dan  "Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me)"  1972
Steely Dan  "Turn That Heartbeat Over Again"  1972
Steely Dan  "Midnite Cruiser"  1972
Steely Dan  "Fire In The Hole"  1972
Steely Dan  "Dirty Work"  1972
Steely Dan  "Do It Again"  1972
Steely Dan  "Only A Fool Would Say That"  1972
Steely Dan  "Your Gold Teeth"  1973
Steely Dan  "My Old School"  1973
Steely Dan  "The Boston Rag"  1973
Steely Dan  "Bodhisattva"  1973
Steely Dan  "King Of The World"  1973
Steely Dan  "Show Biz Kids"  1973
Steely Dan  "Razor Boy"  1973
Steely Dan  "Monkey In Your Soul"  1974
Steely Dan  "Reelin' In The Years"  1974
Steely Dan  "Charlie Freak"  1974
Steely Dan  "Your Gold Teeth"  1974
Steely Dan  "Barrytown"  1974
Steely Dan  "Rikki Don't Lose That Number"  1974
Steely Dan  "This All Too Mobile Home"  1974
Steely Dan  "Parker's Band"  1974
Steely Dan  "Through With Buzz"  1974
Steely Dan  "East St. Louis Toodle-Oo"  1974
Steely Dan  "Bodhisattva"  1974
Steely Dan  "Boston Rag"  1974
Steely Dan  "King Of The World"  1974
Steely Dan  "Any Major Dude"  1974
Steely Dan  "Pretzel Logic"  1974
Steely Dan  "Any Major Dude Will Tell You"  1974
Steely Dan  "Pretzel Logic"  1974
Steely Dan  "With A Gun"  1974
Steely Dan  "Do It Again"  1974
Steely Dan  "Chain Lightning"  1975
Steely Dan  "Doctor Wu"  1975
Steely Dan  "Bad Sneakers"  1975
Steely Dan  "Your Gold Teeth II"  1975
Steely Dan  "Rose Darling"  1975
Steely Dan  "Throw Back The Little Ones"  1975
Steely Dan  "Black Friday"  1975
Steely Dan  "Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More"  1975
Steely Dan  "Everyone's Gone To The Movies"  1975
Steely Dan  "Any World (That I'm Welcome To)"  1975
Steely Dan  "Don't Take Me Alive"  1976
Steely Dan  "The Caves Of Altamira"  1976
Steely Dan  "The Fez"  1976
Steely Dan  "Green Earrings"  1976
Steely Dan  "Kid Charlemagne"  1976
Steely Dan  "Everything You Did"  1976
Steely Dan  "Haitian Divorce"  1976
Steely Dan  "The Royal Scam"  1976
Steely Dan  "Sign In Stranger"  1976
Steely Dan  "Home At Last"  1977
Steely Dan  "Peg"  1977
Steely Dan  "Josie"  1977
Steely Dan  "Aja"  1977
Steely Dan  "Deacon Blues"  1977
Steely Dan  "F.M."  1978
Steely Dan  "Hey Nineteen"  1980
Stephen Schwartz  "We Beseech Thee"  1974
Stephen Schwartz  "Bless The Lord"  1974
Stephen Schwartz  "Alas For You"  1974
Stephen Schwartz  "All For The Best"  1974
Stephen Schwartz  "All Good Gifts"  1974
Stephen Schwartz  "Save The People"  1974
Stephen Schwartz  "Day By Day"  1974
Stephen Schwartz  "Day By Day (Reprise)"  1974
Stephen Schwartz  "Turn Back, O Man"  1974
Stephen Schwartz  "Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord"  1974
Stephen Schwartz  "By My Side"  1974
Stephen Schwartz  "Finale"  1974
Stephen Schwartz  "On The Willows"  1974
Steppenwolf  "Magic Carpet Ride"  1968
Stereolab  "Lo Boob Oscillator"  1995
Steve Martin And The Toot Uncommons  "King Tut"  1991
Steve Miller Band  "The Joker"  1973
Steve Miller Band  "Fly Like An Eagle"  1976
Steve Miller Band  "Jungle Love"  1977
Steve Miller Band  "Abracadrabra"  1982
Steve Reich  "Reich: Different Trains - 1. America - Before The War"  1988
Steve Reich  "Reich: Different Trains - 2. Europe - During The War"  1988
Steve Reich  "Reich: Different Trains - 3. After The War"  1988
Steve Reich  "Reich: Tehillim - 1. Psalms 19:2-5"  2002
Steve Reich  "Reich: Tehillim - 2. Psalms 34:13-15"  2002
Steve Reich  "Reich: Tehillim - 3. Psalms 18:26-27"  2002
Steve Reich  "Reich: Tehillim - 4. Psalms 150:4-6"  2002
Stevie Nicks  "Edge Of Seventeen"  1980
Stevie Nicks  "Blue Lamp"  1981
Stevie Nicks  "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around"  1981
Stevie Nicks  "Leather And Lace"  1981
Stevie Nicks  "Stand Back"  1983
Stevie Ray Vaughan  "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)"  1984
Stevie Ray Vaughan  "Honey Bee"  1984
Stevie Ray Vaughan  "Cold Shot"  1984
Stevie Ray Vaughan  "Tin Pan Alley"  1984
Stevie Ray Vaughan  "Couldn't Stand The Weather"  1984
Stevie Ray Vaughan  "Scuttle Buttin'"  1984
Stevie Wonder  "Fingertips (Part 2)"  1963
Stevie Wonder  "Uptight (Everything's Alright)"  1965
Stevie Wonder  "I Was Made To Love Her"  1967
Stevie Wonder  "For Once In My Life"  1968
Stevie Wonder  "My Cherie Amour"  1969
Stevie Wonder  "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours"  1970
Stevie Wonder  "If You Really Love Me"  1971
Stevie Wonder  "Superstition"  1972
Stevie Wonder  "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life"  1972
Stevie Wonder  "Higher Ground"  1973
Stevie Wonder  "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing"  1973
Stevie Wonder  "Sir Duke"  1976
Stevie Wonder  "I Wish"  1976
Stevie Wonder  "Part-Time Lover"  1985
Still Corners  "The Trip"  2013
Sting  "Fortress Around Your Heart"  1985
Sting  "We Work The Black Seam"  1985
Stone Temple Pilots  "Creep"  1992
Stone Temple Pilots  "Interstate Love Song"  1994
Stone Temple Pilots  "Big Empty"  1994
Stone Temple Pilots  "Kitchenware & Candybars"  1994
Stone Temple Pilots  "Pretty Penny"  1994
Stone Temple Pilots  "Vasoline"  1994
Stone Temple Pilots  "Adhesive"  1996
Stone Temple Pilots  "Daisy"  1996
Stone Temple Pilots  "And So I Know"  1996
Stone Temple Pilots  "Press Play"  1996
Stone Temple Pilots  "Lady Picture Show"  1996
Stone Temple Pilots  "Art School Girl"  1996
Stone Temple Pilots  "Sour Girl"  1999
Stone Temple Pilots  "Glide"  1999
Stone Temple Pilots  "Atlanta"  1999
Stranglers  "Hanging Around"  1977
Stranglers  "Don't Bring Harry"  1979
Stranglers  "Who Wants The World"  1980
Stranglers  "Golden Brown"  1981
Stranglers  "Skin Deep"  1984
Stranglers  "European Female"  1987
Stranglers  "Walk On By"  1988
Strawberry Alarm Clock  "Incense & Peppermints"  1967
Strawberry Alarm Clock  "Sit With The Guru"  1967
Strawberry Alarm Clock  "Barefoot In Baltimore"  1967
Strawberry Alarm Clock  "Paxton's Back Street Carnival (from vinyl)"  1967
Strawberry Alarm Clock  "Birds In My Tree"  1967
Strawberry Alarm Clock  "Hummin' Happy (from vinyl)"  1967
Strawberry Alarm Clock  "Tomorrow"  1967
Strawberry Alarm Clock  "Good Morning Starshine"  1967
Strawberry Alarm Clock  "Starting Out The Day"  1967
Strawberry Alarm Clock  "Strawberries Mean Love"  1967
Strawberry Alarm Clock  "Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow"  1967
Strawbs  "Keep The Devil Outside"  1971
Strawbs  "Witchwood"  1971
Strawbs  "Cannondale"  1971
Strawbs  "In Amongst The Roses"  1971
Strawbs  "The Shepherd's Song"  1971
Stray Cats  "Rock This Town"  1981
Styx  "Lorelei"  1976
Styx  "Come Sail Away"  1978
Styx  "Renegade"  1979
Styx  "Too Much Time On My Hands"  1981
Styx  "Mr. Roboto"  1983
Styx  "Lady '95"  1995
Sufjan Stevens  "Chicago"  2005
Sugarcubes  "Birthday"  1988
Sugarloaf  "Green-Eyed Lady (album version)"  1970
Sugarloaf  "Bach Doors Man/Chest Fever"  1970
Sugarloaf  "'Round & 'Round"  1973
Sugarloaf  "Myra Myra"  1973
Sugarloaf  "Wild Child"  1973
Sun Ra  "Island In the Sun"  1970
Sun Ra  "Carefree (Egyptian Fantasy)"  1984
Sun Ra  "Rocket Number Nine"  1986
Sunflower Bean  "Human Ceremony"  2016
Sunflower Bean  "Easier Said"  2016
Sweet  "Little Willy"  1972
Sweet  "Ballroom Blitz"  1973
Sweet  "Fox On the Run"  1975
Sweet  "Love Is Like Oxygen"  1978
Syd Barrett  "Terrapin"  1970
Syd Barrett  "Terrapin"  1970
Syd Barrett  "Long Gone"  1970
Syd Barrett  "Effervescing Elephant"  1970
Syd Barrett  "Love You"  1970
Syd Barrett  "Golden Hair"  1970
Syd Barrett  "No Good Trying"  1970
Syd Barrett  "Dark Globe"  1970
Syd Barrett  "If It's In You"  1970
Syd Barrett  "Octopus"  1970
Syd Barrett  "Feel"  1970
Syd Barrett  "She Took A Long Cold Look"  1970
Syd Barrett  "Late Night"  1970
Syndicate Of Sound  "Little Girl"  1966
The Seeds  "Pushin' Too Hard"  1966
The Seeds  "Can't Seem To Make You Mine"  1967
The Shadows of Knight  "Gloria"  1966
The Shanghai Restoration Project & DEZ  "Miss Shanghai"  2006
The Shins  "Your Algebra"  2001
The Shins  "Weird Divide"  2001
The Shins  "Girl Inform Me"  2001
The Shins  "The Celibate Life"  2001
The Shins  "Girl On The Wing"  2001
The Shins  "New Slang"  2001
The Shins  "Know Your Onion!"  2001
The Shins  "The Past And Pending"  2001
The Shins  "Caring Is Creepy"  2001
The Sir Douglas Quintet  "Mendocino"  1969
The Sisters Of Mercy  "1969"  1983
The Sisters Of Mercy  "Temple Of Love (Extended Version)"  1983
The Sisters Of Mercy  "Gimme Shelter"  1983
The Sisters Of Mercy  "Alice"  1983
The Sisters Of Mercy  "Kiss The Carpet"  1983
The Sisters Of Mercy  "Heartland"  1983
The Sisters Of Mercy  "Walk Away"  1985
The Sisters Of Mercy  "Some Kind Of Stranger"  1985
The Sisters Of Mercy  "Logic"  1985
The Sisters Of Mercy  "A Rock And A Hard Place"  1985
The Sisters Of Mercy  "Nine While Nine"  1985
The Sisters Of Mercy  "No Time To Cry"  1985
The Sisters Of Mercy  "Possession"  1985
The Sisters Of Mercy  "Marian (Version)"  1985
The Sisters Of Mercy  "First And Last And Always"  1985
The Sisters Of Mercy  "More"  1990
The Sisters Of Mercy  "I Was Wrong"  1990
The Smithereens  "Blood and Roses"  1986
The Smiths  "This Charming Man"  1983
The Smiths  "How Soon Is Now"  1984
The Smiths  "What Difference Does It Make?"  1984
The Smiths  "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want"  1984
The Smiths  "William, It Was Really Nothing"  1984
The Smiths  "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore"  1985
The Smiths  "Nowhere Fast"  1985
The Smiths  "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"  1986
The Smiths  "Panic"  1986
The Smiths  "Bigmouth Strikes Again"  1986
The Smiths  "Rubber Ring"  1986
The Smiths  "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side"  1986
The Smiths  "Half A Person"  1986
The Smiths  "Oscillate Wildly"  1987
The Smiths  "This Night Has Opened My Eyes"  1987
The Smiths  "Girl Afraid"  1987
The Smiths  "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before"  1987
The Smiths  "Ask"  1987
The Smiths  "Asleep"  1987
The Smiths  "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me"  1987
The Smiths  "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now"  1987
The Soviet Army Chorus and Band  "Bandura (from vinyl)"  1960
The Soviet Army Chorus and Band  "Soldier's Chorus (from vinyl)"  1960
The Soviet Army Chorus and Band  "Song of the Volga Boatmen (from vinyl)"  1960
The Soviet Army Chorus and Band  "Kalinka (from vinyl)"  1960
The Spencer Davis Group  "I'm a Man"  1967
The Spinners  "It's a Shame"  1970
The Spinners  "I'll Be Around"  1972
The Spiral Staircase  "More Today Than Yesterday"  1969
The Standells  "Why Pick On Me"  1966
The Standells  "Dirty Water"  1966
The Stone Roses  "Fools Gold"  1989
The Stone Roses  "I Wanna Be Adored"  1989
The Sugar Hill Gang  "Rappers Delight"  1979
The Sugar Hill Gang  "Apache"  1981
The Sundays  "Here's Where the Story Ends"  1990
The Supremes  "Come See About Me"  1964
The Supremes  "Stop! In The Name Of Love"  1965
The Supremes  "You Can't Hurry Love"  1966
The Supremes  "You Keep Me Hangin' On (Stereo Version)"  1966

A Taste of Honey  "Boogie Oogie Oogie (Single Version 1)"  1978
A Thousand Years  "See the Spirits"  2004
T. Rex  "Jeepster"  1971
Talking Heads  "Psycho Killer"  1977
Talking Heads  "Once In A Lifetime"  1980
Talking Heads  "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)"  1983
Talking Heads  "Burning Down The House"  1983
Talking Heads  "Take Me To The River"  1992
Talking Heads  "Don't Worry About The Government"  1992
Talking Heads  "Warning Sign"  1992
Talking Heads  "Love-Building On Fire"  1992
Talking Heads  "Crosseyed And Painless"  1992
Talking Heads  "No Compassion"  1992
Talking Heads  "I Want To Live"  1992
Talking Heads  "I Wish You Wouldn't Say That"  1992
Talking Heads  "Sugar On MyTongue"  1992
Talking Heads  "Memories Can't Wait"  1992
Talking Heads  "Heaven"  1992
Talking Heads  "Swamp"  1992
Tangerine Dream  "Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)"  1977
Tangerine Dream  "The Call"  1977
Tangerine Dream  "Creation"  1977
Tangerine Dream  "Grind"  1977
Tangerine Dream  "Search"  1977
Tangerine Dream  "Vengeance"  1977
Tangerine Dream  "THE KEEP Original Soundtrack-Complete Recordings"  1983
Tangerine Dream  "THE KEEP Original Soundtrack-Complete Recordings"  1983
Tanita Tikaram  "Twist In My Sobriety"  1988
Tanita Tikaram  "Valentine Heart"  1988
Tarriii  "Stray"  2002
Tears for Fears  "Change"  1983
Tears for Fears  "Pale Shelter"  1983
Tears for Fears  "Mad World"  1983
Tears For Fears  "Listen"  1985
Tears For Fears  "I Believe"  1985
Tears For Fears  "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"  1985
Tears For Fears  "Broken"  1985
Tears For Fears  "Head Over Heels"  1985
Tears For Fears  "Shout"  1985
Technotronic f. Felly  "Pump Up The Jam"  1989
Ted Nugent  "Cat Scratch Fever"  1977
Television  "Marquee Moon (Remastered LP Version)"  1977
Temple Of The Dog  "Hunger Strike"  1991
Thalassa  "Blue touch"  2004
The Temptations  "My Girl"  1964
The Temptations  "Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today)"  1970
The Temptations  "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town"  2001
The The  "The Twilight Hour"  1983
The The  "Giant"  1983
The The  "Soul Mining"  1983
The The  "Perfect"  1983
The The  "Uncertain Smile"  1983
The The  "The Sinking Feeling"  1983
The The  "Good Morning Beautiful"  1989
The The  "Kingdom Of Rain"  1989
The The  "Armageddon Days Are Here (Again)"  1989
The Thompson Twins  "If You Were Here"  1984
The Tokens  "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"  1961
The Tornados  "Bustin' Surfboards"  1963
The Tragically Hip  "Giftshop"  1996
The Tragically Hip  "Ahead By A Century"  1996
The Tragically Hip  "Springtime In Vienna"  1996
The Tragically Hip  "Flamenco"  1996
The Trashmen  "Surfin' Bird"  1963
The Tremeloes  "Here Comes My Baby"  1967
The Troggs  "Wild Thing"  1966
The Trust  "Sulk (Single Edit)"  2012
The Tubes  "She's a Beauty"  1983
The Turtles  "It Ain't Me Babe"  1965
The Turtles  "Outside Chance"  1966
The Turtles  "You Baby"  1966
The Turtles  "Happy Together"  1967
The Turtles  "She'd Rather Be With Me"  1967
The Turtles  "She's My Girl"  1967
The Turtles  "You Showed Me"  1968
The Turtles  "Elenore"  1968
The Turtles  "You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain"  1969
They Might Be Giants  "Ana Ng"  1989
They Might Be Giants  "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)"  1990
Thomas Dolby  "She Blinded Me With Science"  1982
Three Dog Night  "Easy to be Hard (Single Version)"  1969
Three Dog Night  "One (Single Version)"  1969
Three Dog Night  "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)"  1970
Three Dog Night  "Shambala (Single Version)"  1973
Three Dog Night  "The Show Must Go On (Single Version)"  1974
Throwing Muses  "Flood"  1995
Throwing Muses  "That's All You Wanted"  1995
Throwing Muses  "Crabtown"  1995
Throwing Muses  "Bright Yellow Gun"  1995
Throwing Muses  "Hazing"  1995
Throwing Muses  "Fever Few"  1995
Throwing Muses  "University"  1995
Throwing Muses  "Shimmer"  1995
Throwing Muses  "Tango"  1996
Throwing Muses  "Mr. Bones"  1996
Throwing Muses  "Night driving"  1996
Throwing Muses  "Serene"  1996
Tim Carleton & Darrick Deel  "Opus No. 1"  1989
Timex Social Club  "Rumors (from vinyl)"  1986
Timezone  "The World Of God"  1992
Tina Marie  "Mama"  2003
Tindersticks  "Vertrauen II"  1995
Tindersticks  "Vertrauen III"  1995
Tindersticks  "Singing"  1995
Tindersticks  "Talk To Me"  1995
Tindersticks  "Cherry Blossoms"  1995
Tindersticks  "Sleepy Song"  1995
Tindersticks  "Snowy In F# Minor"  1995
Tindersticks  "A Night In"  1995
Tindersticks  "My Sister"  1995
Tindersticks  "Tiny Tears"  1995
Tindersticks  "El Diablo En El Ojo"  1995
Tindersticks  "No More Affairs"  1995
Tindersticks  "Travelling Light"  1995
Tindersticks  "Seaweed"  1995
Tindersticks  "She's Gone"  1995
Tindersticks  "Mistakes"  1995
Todd Rundgren  "We Gotta Get You A Woman"  1970
Todd Rundgren  "Be Nice To Me"  1971
Todd Rundgren  "I Saw The Light"  1972
Todd Rundgren  "Real Man"  1975
Todd Rundgren  "Can We Still Be Friends?"  1978
Todd Rundgren  "Bang The Drum All Day"  1982
Tom 'T-Bone' Stankus  "Existential Blues"  1991
Tom Lehrer  "The Elements"  1953
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers  "The Waiting"  1981
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers  "Change of Heart"  1983
Tom Tom Club  "Genius of Love"  1981
Tomaso Albinoni  "Adagio in G Minor" 
Tomaso AlbinonI  "Tomaso Albinoni, Adagio g-moll für Streicher und Orgel"  1968
Tommy James & The Shondells  "Mony Mony"  1968
Tommy James & The Shondells  "Crimson and Clover"  1968
Tommy Tutone  "867-5309/Jenny (from vinyl)"  1981
Tone-Loc  "Wild Thing"  1989
Toni Basil  "Mickey"  1982
Tori Amos  "China"  1991
Tori Amos  "Little Earthquakes"  1991
Tori Amos  "Crucify (Remix)"  1991
Tori Amos  "Precious Things"  1991
Tori Amos  "Winter"  1991
Tori Amos  "Silent All These Years"  1991
Tori Amos  "Smells Like Teen Spirit"  1992
Tori Amos  "Thank You"  1992
Tori Amos  "Angie"  1992
Tori Amos  "Bells for Her"  1994
Tori Amos  "Hey Jupiter"  1996
Tori Amos  "Doughnut Song"  1996
Tori Amos  "Muhammad My Friend"  1996
Tori Amos  "Horses"  1996
Tori Amos  "Way Down"  1996
Tori Amos  "Not The Red Baron"  1996
Tori Amos  "Marianne"  1996
Tori Amos  "Twinkle"  1996
Tori Amos  "Father Lucifer"  1996
Tori Amos  "Putting The Damage On"  1996
Tori Amos  "Caught A Lite Sneeze"  1996
Tori Amos  "Liquid Diamonds"  1998
Tori Amos  "Jackie's Strength"  1998
Tori Amos  "Black-Dove (January)"  1998
Tori Amos  "Spark"  1998
Tosca  "Oscar"  2003
Tosca  "Sperl"  2003
Tosca  "Gute Laune"  2003
Tosca  "Dave Dudley"  2003
Tosca  "Mango Di Bango"  2003
Tosca  "Me & Yoko Ono"  2003
Tosca  "Wonderful"  2003
Total Control  "Scene from a Marriage"  2013
Toto  "I'll Supply The Love"  1979
Toufic Farroukh Feat. Yasmine Hamdam  "Lili S'en Fout"  2004
Toxic Sloths  "Homeboy"  1991
Tracey Thorn  "Goodbye Joe"  1981
Tracey Thorn  "Simply Couldn't Care"  1982
Tracey Thorn  "Small Town Girl"  1982
Tracey Thorn  "Dreamy"  1982
Tracey Thorn  "New Opened Eyes"  1982
Tracey Thorn  "Too Happy"  1982
Tracey Thorn  "Plain Sailing"  1982
Tracey Thorn  "Plain Sailing"  1982
Tracey Thorn  "Seascape"  1982
Tracey Thorn  "Femme Fatale"  1982
Traffic  "Smiling Phases"  1967
Traffic  "Paper Sun"  1967
Traffic  "Coloured Rain"  1967
Traffic  "No Face, No Name, No Number"  1967
Traffic  "Dear Mr. Fantasy"  1967
Traffic  "Heaven Is In Your Mind"  1967
Traffic  "Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush"  1967
Traffic  "40,000 Headmen"  1968
Traffic  "Pearly Queen"  1968
Traffic  "Vagabond Virgin"  1968
Traffic  "Withering Tree"  1969
Traffic  "Shanghai Noodle Factory"  1969
Traffic  "Freedom Rider"  1970
Traffic  "Glad"  1970
Traffic  "John Barleycorn"  1970
Traffic  "Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys"  1971
Trammps  "Disco Inferno (from vinyl)"  1976
Trevor Jones  "Top Of The World"  1992
Trevor Jones  "The Kiss"  1992
Trevor Jones  "Promentory"  1992
Trio  "Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha"  1982
Trust  "Prefabricated"  1981
Tubeway Army featuring Gary Numan  "The Life Machine (from vinyl)"  1978
TV Themes  "Stingray"  1965
TV Themes  "The World of Commander McBragg"  1966
TV Themes  "Cool McCool"  1966
TV Themes  "Tom Slick Racer"  1967
TV Themes  "Superchicken"  1967
TV Themes  "The Banana Splits"  1968
TV Themes  "The Go-Go Gophers"  1968
TV Themes  "H.R. Pufnstuf"  1969
TV Themes  "Night Gallery"  1970
TV Themes  "Masterpiece Theatre"  1971
TV Themes  "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters"  1973
TV Themes  "Hong Kong Phooey"  1974
TV Themes  "Olympic Fanfare"  1996
Twisted Sister  "Were Not Gonna Take It"  1984
Typhoon  "Artificial Light"  2013

U.K.  "In the Dead of Night"  1978
U.S. Girls  "Island Song"  2011
U.S. Girls  "Sororal Feelings"  2015
U.S. Girls  "Navy & Cream"  2015
U.S. Girls  "New Age Thriller"  2015
U.S. Girls  "Woman's Work"  2015
U.S. Girls  "Woman's Work"  2015
U2  "Into the Heart"  1980
U2  "Out of Control"  1980
U2  "A Day Without Me"  1980
U2  "Stories for Boys"  1980
U2  "I Will Follow"  1980
U2  "Another Time, Another Place"  1980
U2  "Twilight"  1980
U2  "The Ocean"  1980
U2  "Rejoice"  1981
U2  "Is That All?"  1981
U2  "Gloria"  1981
U2  "I Fall Down"  1981
U2  "Tomorrow"  1981
U2  "Scarlet"  1981
U2  "I Threw a Brick Through a Window"  1981
U2  "Stranger in a Strange Land"  1981
U2  "With a Shout"  1981
U2  "October"  1981
U2  "Fire"  1981
U2  "Like A Song..."  1983
U2  "Drowning Man"  1983
U2  "New Year's Day"  1983
U2  "Seconds"  1983
U2  "Two Hearts Beat As One"  1983
U2  "Sunday Bloody Sunday"  1983
U2  "Surrender"  1983
U2  "Indian Summer Sky"  1984
U2  "The Unforgettable Fire"  1984
U2  "A Sort Of Homecoming"  1984
U2  "Pride (In The Name Of Love)"  1984
U2  "Promenade"  1984
U2  "Where The Streets Have No Name"  1987
U2  "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"  1987
U2  "Bullet The Blue Sky"  1987
U2  "With Or Without You"  1987
U2  "In God's Country"  1987
U2  "Love Is Blindness"  1991
U2  "Even Better Than The Real Thing"  1991
U2  "One"  1991
U2  "Some Days Are Better Than Others"  1993
U2  "Stay (Faraway, So Close!)"  1993
U2  "Lemon"  1993
U2  "Babyface"  1993
U2  "Last Night On Earth"  1997
U2  "Beautiful Day"  2000
Ulrich Schnauss  "Crazy for You"  2002
Urge Overkill  "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon"  1992
Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco  "Heroes"  1996
Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco  "Holding On"  1996
Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco  "Natural Resources"  1996
Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco  "Nevada City, California"  1996
Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco  "Enormously Wealthy"  1996
Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco  "Bridges"  1996
Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco  "Half A Ghost Town"  1996
Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco  "Bum On The Rod"  1996
Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco  "Korea"  1996
Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco  "Mess With People"  1996
Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco  "Candidacy"  1996

The Vapors  "Turning Japanese"  1980
The Velvet Underground  "I'll Be Your Mirror"  1967
The Velvet Underground  "Femme Fatale"  1967
The Velvet Underground  "Stephanie Says"  1969
The Velvet Underground  "Rock And Roll"  1970
The Velvet Underground  "Who Loves The Sun"  1970
The Velvet Underground  "Sweet Jane"  1970
The Ventures  "Walk-Don't Run"  1960
The Ventures  "Pipeline"  2002
The Verve  "Bittersweet Symphony"  1997
The Village People  "Macho Man"  1978
The Village People  "Y.M.C.A."  1978
The Village People  "In the Navy"  1979
The Vogues  "Five O'Clock World (Original Single Version)"  1965
Van Der Graaf Generator  "Pioneers Over C (2005 Digital Remaster)"  1970
Van Halen  "Jamie's Cryin'"  1978
Van Halen  "Panama"  1984
Van Halen  "Jump"  1984
Various Artists  "Tavla"  1997
Various Artists  "Istanbul Uyurken (Hamam)"  1997
Various Artists  "Dunya"  1997
Various Artists  "Sadaka"  1997
Various Artists  "Hamam"  1997
Various Artists  "Hastane"  1997
Various Artists  "II. Hamam (Bosphorous Version)"  1997
Various Artists  "Omuzdaki El"  1997
Various Artists  "Ikinci Mektup"  1997
Various Artists  "Ilk Uyku"  1997
Vicki Sue Robinson  "Turn The Beat Around"  1977
Vince Guaraldi  "Skating"  1965
Vince Guaraldi  "Christmas Is Coming"  1965
Vince Guaraldi  "Christmas Time Is Here"  1965
Vince Guaraldi  "Greensleeves"  1965
Vince Guaraldi  "Für Elise"  1965
Vince Guaraldi  "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"  1965
Vince Guaraldi Trio  "Linus And Lucy"  1965
Vince Guaraldi Trio  "Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal)"  1965
Vince Guaraldi Trio  "My Little Drum"  1965
Vince Guaraldi Trio  "The Christmas Song"  1965
Vince Guaraldi Trio  "What Child Is This"  1965
Vince Guaraldi Trio  "O Tannenbaum"  1965
Violent Femmes  "Gone Daddy Gone"  1983
Vivian Girls  "The End"  2009
Vivian Girls  "Surfin' Away"  2009
Vivian Girls  "The Other Girls"  2010
Vivian Girls  "I Heard You Say"  2011

The Waitresses  "Christmas Wrapping"  1983
The Wake  "Crush the Flowers"  1989
The Wake  "Favour"  1989
The Wake  "English Rain"  1991
The Who  "I Can't Explain"  1964
The Who  "My Generation"  1965
The Who  "The Kids Are Alright"  1965
The Who  "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere"  1965
The Who  "Boris The Spider"  1966
The Who  "Substitute"  1966
The Who  "Happy Jack"  1966
The Who  "I Can See For Miles"  1967
The Who  "Pictures Of Lily"  1967
The Who  "Magic Bus"  1968
The Who  "Pinball Wizard"  1969
The Who  "See Me Feel Me"  1969
The Who  "I'm Free"  1969
The Who  "Bargain"  1971
The Who  "Behind Blue Eyes"  1971
The Who  "My Wife"  1971
The Who  "Won't Get Fooled Again"  1971
The Who  "Baba O'Riley"  1971
The Who  "5'15"  1973
The Who  "Love Reign O'er Me"  1973
The Who  "Squeeze Box"  1975
The Who  "You Better You Bet"  1980
The Who  "Eminence Front"  1982
The Wiseacres  "David"  1986
Walker Brothers  "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore"  1966
Wall of Voodoo  "Mexican Radio"  1983
Walter Egan  "Magnet And Steel"  1977
War  "All Day Music"  1971
War  "The Cisco Kid"  1972
War  "Low Rider"  1975
War  "Why Can't We Be Friends"  1975
War  "Summer"  1976
Warpaint  "Undertow"  2010
Warpaint  "Intro"  2014
Warpaint  "Love Is to Die"  2014
Warpaint  "Keep It Healthy"  2014
Warren Zevon  "Poor Poor Pitiful Me"  1976
Warren Zevon  "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"  1976
Warren Zevon  "Veracruz"  1978
Warren Zevon  "Tenderness On The Block"  1978
Warren Zevon  "Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner"  1978
Warren Zevon  "Werewolves Of London"  1978
Warren Zevon  "Accidentally Like A Martyr"  1978
Warren Zevon  "Johnny Strikes Up The Band"  1978
Warren Zevon  "Excitable Boy"  1978
Warren Zevon  "Lawyers, Guns And Money"  1978
Warren Zevon  "Play It All Night Long"  1980
Warren Zevon  "The Envoy"  1982
Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders  "The Game of Love"  1965
Weird Al Yankovic  "Eat It"  1991
Weird Al Yankovic  "The Theme From Rocky Xiii (The Rye Or The Kaiser)"  1993
Weird Al Yankovic  "Taco Grande"  1993
Weird Al Yankovic  "The White Stuff"  1993
Weird Al Yankovic  "My Bologna"  1993
Weird Al Yankovic  "Spam"  1993
Weird Al Yankovic  "Addictied To Spuds"  1993
Weird Al Yankovic  "I Love Rocky Road"  1993
Weird Al Yankovic  "Fat"  1993
Weird Al Yankovic  "Lasagna"  1993
Weird Al Yankovic  "White & Nerdy"  2006
Weird Al Yankovic  "Like a Surgeon"  2008
Weird Al Yankovic  "Eat It"  2008
Weird Al Yankovic  "Amish Paradise"  2008
Weird Al Yankovic  "Fat"  2008
West Street Mob  "Break Dance Electric Boogie (from vinyl)"  1983
Weston  "Your Summer Dresses Bore Me"  1996
Whodini  "Freaks Come Out at Night"  1984
Whodini  "Friends (from vinyl)"  1984
Whodini  "Five Minutes of Funk"  1984
Whodini  "Escape (I Need a Break)"  1985
William S. Burroughs  "Dinosaurs"  2012
Windy & Carl  "Set Adrift"  1997
Windy & Carl  "Undercurrent"  1997
Windy & Carl  "The Silent Ocean"  1997
Women  "Upstairs"  2008
Women  "Black Rice"  2009

XTC  "Making Plans for Nigel"  1979
XTC  "The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul"  1986
XTC  "Dear God"  1986
XTX & Cold Blooded Animal  "Cold Blooded Animal"  2005
XTX & Cold Blooded Animal  "Sunflower"  2005

The Yardbirds  "For Your Love"  1965
The Yardbirds  "Over, Under, Sideways, Down"  1966
The Yardbirds  "Shapes of Things"  1966
Yasser Habeeb  "Elama"  2004
Yasuko Kyoda  "Sakura"  2003
Yaz  "Situation"  1982
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  "Maps"  2004
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  "Hysteric"  2009
Yeasayer  "Red Cave"  2007
Yeasayer  "2080"  2007
Yeasayer  "Wait For The Summer"  2007
Yeasayer  "Wait For The Wintertime"  2007
Yeasayer  "Forgiveness"  2007
Yeasayer  "Waves"  2007
Yeasayer  "Germs"  2007
Yeasayer  "Ah, Weir"  2007
Yeasayer  "No Need To Worry"  2007
Yeasayer  "Sunrise"  2007
Yeasayer  "Worms"  2007
Yello  "Lost Again"  1983
Yello  "I Love You (from vinyl)"  1983
Yello  "Vicious Games"  1985
Yello  "Domingo"  1985
Yello  "Oh Yeah"  1985
Yello  "Desire"  1985
Yes  "Beyond & Before"  1969
Yes  "Looking Around"  1969
Yes  "I See You"  1969
Yes  "Every Little Thing"  1969
Yes  "Harold Land"  1969
Yes  "Survival"  1969
Yes  "Yesterday & Today"  1969
Yes  "Sweetness"  1969
Yes  "Yours Is No Disgrace"  1970
Yes  "Then"  1970
Yes  "Clear Days"  1970
Yes  "A Venture"  1970
Yes  "Time And A Word"  1970
Yes  "No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed"  1970
Yes  "Everydays"  1970
Yes  "The Prophet"  1970
Yes  "Astral Traveller"  1970
Yes  "Sweet Dreams"  1970
Yes  "Long Distance Runaround"  1972
Yes  "Roundabout"  1972
Yes  "South Side Of The Sky"  1972
Yes  "The Fish (Shindleria Praematurus)"  1972
Yes  "America [Single Version]"  1972
Yes  "And You and I"  1972
Yes  "Heart Of The Sunrise"  1972
Yes  "Siberian Khatru"  1972
Yes  "Parallels"  1977
Yes  "Going For The One"  1977
Yes  "Turn Of The Century"  1977
Yes  "Wonderous Stories"  1977
Yes  "Awaken"  1977
Yes  "Tempus Fugit"  1980
Yes  "Changes"  1983
Yes  "Owner Of A Lonely Heart"  1983
Yes  "It Can Happen"  1983
Yes  "Leave It"  1983
Yo La Tengo  "The Summer"  1990
Yo La Tengo  "Autumn Sweater"  1997
Yo La Tengo  "Don't Have to be Sad"  2003
Yoshida Brothers  "Storm - T.M. Mix"  2003
Young MC  "Bust a Move"  1989
Yvonne Elliman  "If I Can't Have You"  1977

The Zombies  "Tell Her No"  1964
The Zombies  "Whenever You're Ready"  1964
The Zombies  "She's Not There"  1964
The Zombies  "Leave Me Be"  1964
The Zombies  "I Love You"  1965
The Zombies  "I Must Move"  1965
The Zombies  "Don't Go Away"  1966
The Zombies  "Kind of Girl"  1966
The Zombies  "She Does Everything for Me"  1966
Zen For Primates  "Bachelor"  1992
Zen For Primates  "The Truth"  1992
Zen For Primates  "Riders On The Storm"  1992
Zen For Primates  "Think Of It"  1992
Zen For Primates  "My Sharona"  1992
Zen For Primates  "Conscience"  1992
Zen For Primates  "I Do Do That"  1992
Zen For Primates  "I Don't Want A Job"  1992
Zen For Primates  "Just To Be You"  1992
Zen For Primates  "Town Without Pity"  1992
Zen For Primates  "Made In The USA"  1992
Zen For Primates  "Whole Lotta Love"  1992
Zen For Primates  "Leave Me Alone"  1992
Zenith Foundation  "3 Is A Crowd"  1999
Zero 7  "Out of Town"  2002
Zero 7  "Morning Song (Live)"  2004
Zero 7  "Home"  2004
Zero 7  "The Pageant of the Bizarre"  2006